Old Roads and New Roads on a Vermont Road Trip

Thursday, November 9, 2017
Near the end of September, quite a while before the foliage decided to turn, John and I took a little drive through Easton (blog yet to come) and ended up in Vermont.   There's no bad time to see Vermont.  It's beautiful during every season.  On this particular day we never even made it into Manchester village because we found so much else to see on our way.  Our first stop was a crowd favorite, Equinox Valley Nursery.  Although the trees were still pretty green, the leftover flowers were glowing radiant fall colors and like always, everything about Equinox Valley Nursery screamed autumn.

After this stop, we headed back down the road towards Arlington towards one of my all-time favorite farms on Old Depot Road.  The first photo in this series was not taken this year (as is obvious from the great color) but I had to share it because it remains one of my favorite captures and has been in more than one of my calendars.

I take this shot annually because I love the shadows on the side of the barn.

See what I mean!   Gorgeous!  And then some other random shots of the most peaceful scene we found:

Warm Pond

Shaftsbury State Park

We took a little detour coming home, by way of a dirt road, one of our favorite things to do.  It's always interesting to see what we'll find and I think we found some beautiful things.  See what you think.

Notice the Bennington Monument in the distance in the center of the photo!

Life is short.  Put the chores on hold....I promise they'll be right there waiting for you tomorrow.  Take a friend and take the dirt road.  God created a beautiful world for us and it's time we stop the busy and enjoy it.
I have one more autumn blog post to share and then I begin my annual Christmas series featuring stores all around the area that are brimming with Christmas goodness just waiting to deck your halls.  Thanks for reading and sharing Life As I See It.  Be sure to enjoy your ride!

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