Artistic and Vintage Meets Current and Trendy at Bluebird Home Decor

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Are you enjoying this holiday series?  I know I sure am.  Although it's definitely an exercise in discipline (I want to buy one of everything I see).  I can't tell you how much fun it is for us to visit all of our favorite shops, catch up with old friends and browse around all the beautiful merchandise that these shop owners so skillfully arrange.  I'd say this is my favorite shop....and it certainly would be true....but then again if I were honest I'd admit that all of them in my series are my favorite.  That being said, today's feature, Bluebird Home Decor, it's owner Nicolle and Nicolle's mom, Shelly Broughton (talented artist featured throughout the shop) definitely own a piece of my heart.  That's no secret...I've blogged about the shop a few times and written about Shelly too.  I mean.....look at her work! I have one of her pieces and I lust over a dozen more.

If you're not familiar with Bluebird Home Decor let me just tell you a little about it....Nicolle started the shop when she was just 23 years old.  That blows my mind!  Here we are four years later and the shop is growing and thriving and filled with the most unique and eclectic merchandise, so artfully displayed.  So much talent, but then again Nicolle comes from a family of artists and boy does it show.  Not only is this family talented, they have hearts the size of Texas.  I'm not going to waste time here on words when photos tell more of a story than a thousand words can.  Have a look around at this amazing little shop in downtown Troy!
As you glance at the photos, notice the clever, re-purposed lights.   All are made by William Cross.  His vision is beyond clever.  If you're looking for a unique gift for that person on your gift list who has 'everything'... I think one of William's lights or other clever, re-purposed items would brighten anyone's holiday.  To see more of his work, check out his Facebook page:  The man is a creative genius!
Notice Shelly's little bunny paintings....

Will ya look at that painting....holy cow!

Aren't these little girls the cutest?

Candles in these gorgeous vessels!!  Ummm......gorgeous!

Love, love, love these gnome guys.  Why didn't I buy one???/

Notice the painting in the oval frame with the curved glass!  Love!!

Bluebird Home Decor is located at 11 3rd Street in downtown Troy, NY.  The only problem you'll have if you visit Bluebird is deciding what to buy and what to resist......or maybe what to buy yourself vs. what to buy the people on your gift list and maybe for you non-city folk....parking downtown might be a challenge.  Any or all of these problems are well worth the trouble because I promise if you visit Bluebird once, you'll visit again and again and again - not just at the holidays, but all year long.  We've always found a parking spot withing a block, you just might have to re-enlist your street parking skills.
To read more about Shelly Broughton, check out my earlier post: Passion: When You Reach For The Stars But Touch the Moon .  You can also see previous posts about Bluebird by going to my Directory and looking under the category, Let's Shop.  Please be sure to make it a point to stop in and check out Bluebird soon......maybe even next week for Small Business Saturday.  There's something for everyone, at every price level!  I challenge you to walk out empty, forget that.   That isn't fair.  No one could do that!!  And why would they??   Thanks Nicolle for your always warm hospitality and for sharing your talent (and your mom's) with us!
To learn more about Bluebird Home Decor and to follow them on social media: (4000+ followers can't be wrong)

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