Autumn Splendor on the Back Roads of Easton NY

Sunday, November 12, 2017
We interrupt this program (Christmas series) for a brief, farewell to autumn.  Sorry folks, I know you're expecting another installment in my series but I have one more autumn road trip waiting to be shared and I just can't shelve it till next year.  Not that any of my intended posts will be less loved, but this one features one of my favorite destinations - and yours, Easton, NY.  I've shared a couple of the photos on my Facebook and Instagram, but I'll share the whole batch with you today.

These photos were actually taken on two separate days, one on our way to Vermont, and one that was specifically a trip to Easton......because as you should know by now, Easton is destination enough, beautiful enough, satisfying enough.  The foliage was just beginning to glow and combined with the bright sunshine and deep blue sky made for a day appealing to the eye, comforting to the soul and perfect for photos.

Love the way the windows framed the sunflower on the other side.

Odd Duck Farm

Can you see why we love Easton?   I really need to make an Easton calendar or coffee table book with my hundreds of photos of this beautiful area.  Thanks for riding along!  Nothing on TV or cell phone is as beautiful as the world around us.  Turn it off, get out and enjoy it.  Next time I'll get back to my Christmas series.  I've got at least six more shops for you so come back soon to Life As I See It.  Don't forget to share!!

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