A Christmas Experience that Fairy Tales and Sugar Plums are Made of at Experience!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Of all the businesses I showcase during the holidays, the most sparkly and shimmering, the most dazzling and decadent is always Experience and Creative Design in Schenectady.  Each year I try to bring you a variety of Christmas styles, from primitive to country, classic to trendy and everything in between.  I love each of them for their own style and Experience always serves to produce the WOW factor with it's glitz and glamour and elaborate presentation.  While at first glance us average folk might take a quick glimpse and feel Experience was out of our league.... and price range.  Let me just say that despite its first impression, you'll find plenty of goodies to take home for even the most modest of shoppers.  The other thing you'll notice about Experience is their ability to take Christmas to a whole other level, taking the traditional red and white up a notch and then some.  If you're looking to expand your decorating horizons this year and bring some new color into your home, you'll find it here....a rainbow of shiny color.

See what I mean?   A rainbow of beautiful displays all boasting the Christmas spirit.  Maybe it's because of the humble, tinsel laden Christmas trees of my youth, but walking through Experience always makes me feel like a kid in a big fancy department store with eyes wide as saucers, ogling in amazement at the beauty around me.....all visions of glorious things childhood dreams are made of.  Only here, even us normal girls can afford to take home a trinket or two!  Trust me....other years I have!  
I urge you to stop in and wander around (be careful though, after a time you'll find yourself a little dazed and a bit drunk with wonder). Treat yourself or someone you love to something sparkly and gorgeous!  You deserve it!   Check it out soon.  You'll love it.  The day I took these photos, Rudy (one of the owners) apologized saying the store looked prettier before their Open House!!!  I can't imagine it prettier than this, can you?  Have fun and come back soon for more Christmas goodness yet to come!  
To follow Experience on Facebook: Experience Facebook Page or their website: http://experienceandcreativedesign.com/.   

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