Let's Monkey Around at the Jungle Experience Zoo

Sunday, September 4, 2022

 I don't know any kid that doesn't love animals.  Do you? So visiting the Jungle Experience Zoo has been on our 'to-do list' all summer and we finally made it there this past Friday.

Jungle Experience Zoo is located on Route 149 in Granville, NY.  Conveniently open everyday from Memorial Day till October 1st, with appointments available  for indoor experiences and events year-round.  Admission is a very reasonable $12 per person for anyone over 10, kids 3-10 are just $10. Under 3 is free.

We arrived at the zoo around 11:00am on what felt like the best weather day of the summer.  There were already about 10 cars in the parking lot so not at all crowded, and even when we left 90 minutes later, there was a healthy crowd but still a comfortable amount of people to navigate around.  The zoo is small and compact - great for grandparents and a nice environment for keeping an eye on wandering little ones.  The entire zoo was immaculate, including the pet enclosures.  It's obvious the animals are well cared for and loved a lot!  Most of them came from rescue situations and are living their best life in this little exotic zoo.
There were a variety of animals from farm animals to camels and zebra, monkeys to wallabys, a baboon, a pair of otters, and a whole lot of snakes in the reptile exhibit.  Some of the animals were wandering free including goats, a llama, a giant tortoise, some chickens and a friendly emu.  There's exotic birds and a lesser armadillo.  For an extra fee, visitors can have an up close and personal visit with a number of animals.  Our grandson got to meet and feed Zambia, the Asian Binturong (bearcat).  More like a big stuffed animal, Zambia was gentle and friendly.

Rooney the Baboon

This is just a small sampling of the animals at the Jungle Experience Zoo.  To see even more, check out their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/JungleExperienceZoo  If you love animals or have kids or grandkids that do, I strongly urge you to make a visit to Granville soon.  It's not the Bronx Zoo, but it's close to home, reasonably priced and a lovely 1/2 day's worth of entertainment without breaking the bank.....unless of course you need a face-to-face with the animals.  Those 'experiences' which last 10 minutes are on the high side at $35 per person, $40 for certain animals.  If you are a reptile lover, you can hold a python for the bargain price of just $10.  No thank you.  I'll pass.  If you're dying to see the Lynx, here's a tip.  They're nocturnal and don't wake up till later in the day.  We got lucky and Raven, the owner, woke them for us.  All the staff are so friendly and anxious to share their knowledge about the animals and make sure you have the best experience.  
Just a few last pieces of information.....there's only a porta pottie on the premises, but it's super clean.  There's a small picnic area - in the reptile section.  There's plenty of shade throughout the zoo and there is a souvenir shop.   So pack a lunch and plan a trip to Granville before October 1st.  They are located at 6601 Route 149, Granville NY.  Open everyday 10:00-5:00pm.  

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