Savoring Autumn in the Big Things at Grafton Lakes State Park

Friday, November 3, 2017
The way we choose to see the world creates the world we see.
-Barry Neil Kaufman

Remember the old game telephone?  One person whispers something into the ear of the person next to him and that person whispers it to the next person, and so on...By the end of the line the story has been changed so much, it's sometimes unrecognizable.  Each person hearing the story hears something a little different and then translates his/her 'version'.  The same is true, I think, about what people see.  You could send five people into a place and all five would come out with different stories about what they saw.  We all see the world with different eyes, partly because of what kinds of things we like and partly due to what's on our mind that day.  In my post today and in the one that follows, I'm going to demonstrate how what people see can change.  I think you'll find it interesting and I'm hoping it will encourage you to see with different eyes next time you have the chance.  For now, come along as I take you on a road trip through Grafton Lakes State Park.

Dunham Reservoir

Mill Pond

Second Pond

Long Pond

Beautiful, right?  You're probably thinking anyone would see all of this as they drove through these roads. are probably correct.  But this is the big picture, the picture we see without really focusing too hard, it's the stuff in plain sight.  If you were along for this ride and it's all you saw, you wouldn't be disappointed.  You'd probably be in awe and you'd be satisfied.  But.....there was so much more than this to see, stuff that required a closer look, a deeper inspection.  I'll show you that stuff in the next post and I promise you'll be amazed at how much more there was to see for those that took a closer look.  
Thanks for coming along on another adventure of Life As I See It.   To read Part II, featuring the beautiful and amazing 'small stuff', click here: Savoring Autumn in the Small Things at Grafton Lakes State Park    And to see my many previous posts from Grafton....check out my blog directory under the first catergory:  Destinations New York. Don't forget....if you enjoy reading my blog, consider subscribing to receive it in your email with every new post! Click Here to Subscribe

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