Look at What Santa is Cooking Up at Schuyler Pond

Monday, November 27, 2017
One of the things I aim to accomplish in bringing you my annual Christmas series is to showcase a variety of family and individually-owned shops in a variety of locations in the Capital District and beyond that offer quality, unique holiday decor and gifts.  Today's shop meets all of these criteria.  Located in Saratoga Springs, Schuyler Pond at Scallions is full of Santa worthy gifts and just the right holiday baubles to jazz up any decor. I always say, I want to spend one day inside the mind of each of the shopkeepers I feature and Amanda Crames has long been on that list.  From her talent with interior decorating to the art of the curated gift, this gal is brilliant....and she has a heart of gold.  She also employs the nicest people too!  Need a gift for the wee ones on your list?

How 'bout the cook on  your list?

And if you need a little something for that person who loves Christmas.....

See what I mean?  Schuyler Pond confirms what I always knew....great things come in small packages and clever shop owners can fit mountains of great things in tiny stores!  Make the trip to Saratoga Springs soon and check out Schuyler Pond.  While you're there, have a bite to eat at Scallions.  I haven't yet, but I can tell you that the day we were there, whatever was cooking smelled so delicious, my granddaughter left starving!  Schuyler Pond at Scallions is located at the corner of Lake Avenue and Henry Street.  For hours and more information, or to follow them on Facebook:
I've got one more shop to go (unless I come up with more).  I promise I'll have that one up by week's end.  You won't want to miss this one!  Heck - you don't want to miss any of them.  This is #9, so if you're here for the first time, be sure to check out the earlier ones.  Thanks for reading.  See you soon for more Life As I See It.

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