A Christmas Experience, Part V of Jingle Bells, Santa Elves and Everything Christmas

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

For me, Christmas never gets old.   Well maybe by mid-January it does, but until then I'm a Christmas junkie and one of my favorite places to experience all the pageantry and elegance of the holiday season is always at Experience and Creative Designs in Schenectady, NY.  It reminds me of being a young girl going with my grandmother to some of the finer stores in Troy...Denby's, Frear's and Peerless, places that were fancy and unlike places my folks might have shopped, places that made a little girl's eyes grow large with wonder.  Well, this big girl experiences that wide-eye wonder these days when I visit Experience at Christmas - with all the sparkle, Christmas at its elegant finest.  I remember as a kid, my grandmother always bought me one gift at Denby's, like mittens or a hat.  I felt so special having something from such a fancy place.  At Experience, everyone can afford something, because although everything looks luxurious and sophisticated, there's something in every price range from the most conscientious shopper to the most extravagant.  We visited during their recent Open House when it was mobbed with enthusiastic shoppers and went back later, on a normal day, when we could take photos.  Come along and feel the magic of a small child's eye as I take you on a tour....

This guy reminded me of my friends at Friesians of Majesty and the stallions!

See what I mean???  Even if you're house doesn't look anything like this at the holidays....you can't deny the beauty and wonder that surrounds you at every turn in this Christmas wonderland.  If you've never visited Experience.....and I'm hoping this post can find one person who hasn't.....you must visit this year.  You'll feel like a child again and I promise you will be able to go home with something to bring that wonder and awe to your own Christmas.
Experience and Creative Design is located on Union Street in Schenectady.  For more information, you can check out their website and Facebook page using these links:
Thanks for reading.  Stick around.  I have a couple more installments left!  Don't forget to share this with a friend using the links below!  If you missed Parts I-IV, Bluebird Home Decor, Crow Cottage, Artifacts and Faddegon's,  you can find them here:

Jingle Bells, Santa's Elves and Everything Christmas at Faddegon's Home and Gift

Friday, November 25, 2016
Welcome to Part IV of my Christmas series 2016!   I photographed this one during Faddegon's Open House and have been so looking forward to sharing it with you.  Faddegon's is always one of my favorite places to visit, throughout the year, not just during the growing season.  Christmas has probably become my favorite time to visit because it's hard to top the beauty that is everywhere you turn and this season was no exception.  In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say it may be their most beautiful holiday season yet.  If you're reading this thinking, "Oh I'm only interested in Faddegon's in the summer when I'm buying annuals and perennials".........think again.  Faddegon's may be one of the area's premiere nurseries, but they are more - so much more!
Greenery on the dining table
One of the big things Faddegon's is featuring this season is decorating for entertaining.  If you said, "wow" when you saw the photo above, wait....because I spent my afternoon wowing over everything I saw and photographed.  The folks at Faddegon's are introducing the idea of decorating with living things and let me just say.............what a beautiful and unique idea.

Green & gold decor


If  this is a little too fancy for your liking, how about this less formal, but equally gorgeous setting?

Faddegon's is a great place to do your Christmas shopping!  My problem was shopping for someone other than myself!!!   But I did manage to buy something for my mom.   I fell in love with these miniature poinsettias....

Of course, if you're more of a traditionalist, or are looking for some holiday decor for other rooms in your home, you'll find no shortage at Faddegon's.

This is just a fraction of what awaits you at Faddegon's.....from holiday decor, to clothing, purses, beauty products, garden gifts and so much more.   I don't have room here for all the photos I took. You'll just have to go and see for yourself!  Be prepared to be impressed.  Faddegon's also brought back their Imagination Station - a fun activity area for the little ones in your family.   There's something at Faddegon's for everyone!  To learn more about Faddegon's Home & Gift, check out their hours or location, please use the following links:
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