Part Two of Exploring the Back Roads of Snow-Covered Easton NY

Saturday, January 28, 2017
Welcome back!  Today I bring you Part II of "Exploring the Back Roads of Snow-Covered Easton in Washington County.  I can't believe how well received Part I was!  I guess I'm not the only one in love with the back roads of Easton.  I have plenty more photos to share with you in Part II today.  If any of you recognize any of these farms or know the owners, I'd love to hear from you.

Look at the size of this silo!!! 

 Probably my absolute favorite building in all of Easton is this colorful but nearly collapsed out building.  If there were ever a building I'd want to buy and preserve, it would be this one.  With it's leaded glass windows, angled wood design on the door and colorful wood stain, I could look at this one all day.

On the same property, this treasure has already collapsed.......
 And this one.... another favorite of mine below.  Don't even ask me what it is that captures my heart!

For more photos of this cemetery, check out my previous posts, links at the end of this post.

 If you look closely at the photo above, you can almost make out the Buddha below, looking pretty happy despite his snowy blanket.

 And the ever beautiful Buskirk covered bridge!
It makes me so sad to see so many barns, some already collapsed, some not far behind, and think of the difference views that will be seen years from now on these same back roads.  It's such a shame so many are being left to ruin.  All the more  reason to visit Easton and surrounding Washington County now! Right off Route 40, just wander off the main drag to explore the side roads and see where they take you.  Some of our favorites are Herrington Hill Road, Brownell Road, Meeting House Road and Wells Road, just to name a few.  I use my phone's GPS map to get us back to civilization when we get too far off the beaten path. Easton NY is gorgeous in every season!  Don't forget, you can click on any photo for a better look!  If you haven't seen enough, check out some of my previous posts feature Easton using these links: (Click to read)
You'll see many of these scenes in each of those posts, minus the white stuff!  Thanks for reading Life as I See It.  I hope you'll stick around for more adventures and that you'll take some time to check out my blog directory for past adventures all through the Northeast.  Until next time.....take some time to collect moments, not things.  Memories last a lifetime!

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