Part II of Winter Road Trippin' in Rural Montgomery County

Saturday, January 14, 2017

As promised, I'm back today with Part II in my Winter Road Trippin' in Montgomery County. Today I will focus on the Stone Arabia Amish community which we've visited several times over the past 15 months or so. Due to last year's scant snowfall, this is the first time we've been able to enjoy this scenic countryside covered in snow, and it was just as beautiful as I'd imagined it would be. Come along with me as I take you on a winter's tour of rural Montgomery County.
 So much to notice about the above shot - the sky blue doors on the house and side door of the barn, the snow covered corn stalks, and the streaks of clear blue sky peeking through the horizon.
 Perhaps my favorite barn in all of this Amish community (above and below).  Notice the buggy with its bright orange reflector inside the barn below.
 Below is the local Amish schoolhouse.  No school buses for these kiddos, just a buggy and one lone horse inside this small building.

Sorry for the blur in the photo above.  I try to be quick and non-intrusive since the Amish aren't keen on having their faces appear in photos.  Did you know that you can tell if men are married or single just by looking at their face?  Once a man is married, he grows his facial hair. Hence, this bearded gentleman is taken.  To the Amish, a beard is a symbol of humility, manhood and husband-ship.  Amish men do not wear wedding rings, they simply stop shaving.  Mustaches, however, are not allowed because of their association with the military.
 The distinctive barn below and in my lead photo, located at the corner of Route 10 and Stone Arabia Road, might be unoccupied but that doesn't hinder its beauty and charm.

 Below notice the blue door, customary pulled back white curtains and clothesline of laundry - a common sight most any day you drive through the Amish community.

 In the photo below, pay special attention to the large entry in the center of the barn.  Lying on the table is a very large hog about to be butchered.  You can see it a little better in the second photo.  I may have briefly considered a vegetarian diet after seeing this.

Above an Amish boy leading a team on a sled-like wagon and below, another riding bareback!  We've never seen that before.

Below, although dismal and grey, I loved the perspective of this fence against the cloudy sky above the quite visible landscape.
 And finally, a few shots left over from my previous post taken near the town of Florida, NY.

 Loved the lone bird atop the silo against the soft and dreamy sky.

 Caught this little red squirrel running up the tree as we approached.  He kindly posed while we backed up for a photo.
Frosty Foliage

Perhaps not the brightest or sunniest of days, but I enjoyed catching a glimpse of life among the Amish right here in our own state. I may not have any inclinations towards living the hard working, simple life of the Amish, and couldn't dream of giving up my modern conveniences, but that doesn't stop me from admiring and respecting their humble way of life. If you missed Part I of this two part series, just click on the following link:  To read more posts about the Amish in Montgomery county, check out my previous posts!
  (autumn views)

Thanks for reading!  Come back soon when I share more Life As I See It!

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