Winter Road Trippin' in Rural Montgomery County

Sunday, January 8, 2017
It's pretty well known around these blog parts that one of our favorite pastimes is road tripping. Unlike some travelers, we don't have a destination in mind most times, just a general direction and this past year Montgomery County NY has become one of our favorite places to take to the back roads, cameras and snacks packed along with a full tank of gas.  Probably not one of the more common destination points for the average traveler, but we have figured out that Montgomery County boasts some of the most beautiful views available in New York State.  Besides that the Amish population, which we've become fascinated with, is blossoming throughout the county.  On today's trip, we found a new group of Amish farms that I want to share with you in this post, Part I of II.  As always, I am in awe of their simple, hardworking lifestyle.  I'll also share some gorgeous farms and breathtaking landscapes. Since I have too many photos for one post (again), be sure to watch for Part II later this week. Since the winter skies on both of our recent trips were a bit hazy, I'd recommend you click on any photo if you'd like a closer, expanded look.  So come along with me as we take a scenic winter drive in rural Montgomery County.
Red Barn
Can you see the view beyond the barn?  You can see for miles - even on a hazy day!

Winter in Montgomery County

In this photo, you can see how strong the wind must blow - the trees are quite visibly leaning to one direction on both sides of the road.
No traffic tie-ups on this highway!

 At this point it feels as though we were driving right off the ends of the earth except for the beautiful vista ahead.

A Round Barn!

Silos - All that's left of what was probably a rather large farm.

 As we drove down the road, we came upon this framed structure below.  Before getting close enough to really discern what it was, we wondered if it might be an Amish barn raising.  Sure enough, the numerous buggies were a tell-tale sign it was.  It must have been lunch time, because none of the workers were in sight.
When we took another drive two weeks later, the progress was impressive and this time, several workers were busy along with a man with a motorized vehicle, perhaps a building inspector. You can see him in the blue coat in the large opening of the barn below.
Working on January 2nd - definitely not a holiday for the Amish!

Another Amish property below (tell tale sign is the all blue and white laundry on the porch and if you look close, an Amish gentleman and his horse next to the red barn.  Click on photo to view larger and hit your 'back' button to come back to the blog.
Amish in Montgomery County
Seems everyday is laundry day in Amish country!

Notice the buggies just outside the barn door.

As I always say....there is so much beauty right here in our own state.  Like the tale of the Country Mouse and the City Mouse.....we are so curious to see what there is to see beyond our own backyards.  We travel far in hopes of finding paradise, when paradise is really right here in our own backyards if only we'd take the time to open our eyes and our minds to what 'home' has to offer.
Stay tuned for Part II of Winter Road Trippin' in Rural Montgomery County and lots more scenic views of the Amish Communities of NY.  Thanks for reading.  Keep warm and don't forget to subscribe if you enjoy the blog and don't want to miss a post!

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