Our Sunday Drive in the Idyllic Hamlet of Old Chatham, NY

Monday, February 20, 2017
Helloooooooo......I'm baaack!  Not quite as good as new yet, but definitely on the road to recovery and so happy to feel almost human again.  Boy, do I have some new respect and lots of compassion for folks with back issues.  Lucky for me the MRI didn't uncover any herniated discs, just some stenosis and a nerve inflammation. Thanks to PT and lots of medication and rest, I'm getting back to normal.  So normal in fact, that we were able to get out this weekend to enjoy some of this spring-like weather we're enjoying here in New York.  We headed to one of our favorite destinations ........Old Chatham, New  York.  Talk about picturesque!  In fact, this post will be photos only!  So be sure to share with your friends who aren't about the words ;)

What an incredibly beautiful place to live!   If you know anyone who lives in any of these beautiful homes, be sure to let them know they are featured here!  And if you've never been to Old Chatham, it's high time you check it out.    We first discovered it when we visited Little Brook Farm last fall.  If you missed that post about a very special rescue farm for horses, you can read it here:  Little Brook Farm, Where it's All About Second Chances
Thanks for reading and for being patient while I've been off the grid.  Please come back soon and tell your friends to pay a visit to Life As I See It!

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