Exploring the Back Roads of Snow-Covered Easton in Washington County

Friday, January 27, 2017
I may be in the minority when I say that I'm pretty excited that we're having a white winter.  Last winter was so brown and dismal, it was pretty challenging finding things to photograph.  This year our little but consistent snowfalls are giving me just enough snow cover to make the landscape interesting.  It's no surprise that we're taking advantage whenever possible to get out and not only enjoy the views, but to catch some photos to share with you.  This week we headed to one of my favorite destinations, Easton NY, in Washington County.

If you've been reading the blog for even a short while, you already know what a beautiful place Easton is.  With over 30 farms, Easton is the most agricultural town in the region.  It didn't take us too many visits to realize it's also one of the most picturesque towns in the region in any season and we particularly love it in winter.  In fact, we first discovered Easton a couple winters ago and have been longing to enjoy its snow-covered landscape ever since.  This Wednesday was the perfect day to do so, its trees laden with newly fallen snow.  Even the back roads were still snow covered!

As always I took way too many photos to share in just one blog post, so I  hope you'll stick around for Part II of Exploring the Back Roads of Snow-Covered Easton in Washington County.  For now, come along on our winter journey through the back roads of Easton, NY.
This is one of our favorite roads (forgive me for not remembering the name).  If you read my autumn post on Easton, you'll see the same vantage.  It was a pretty grey day but we found plenty of color in the many, many red barns along our travels.

 Does this sprawling, snow-covered landscape above not look like something from a dream?  

 I loved how the snow was lining the branches on the bush above.  This old structure is on the corner of an intersection where an old white horse lives.  On our last visit, his bangs were so matted that from a distance they stuck up making him look like a unicorn.  John has named this corner, Unicorn Corner.  Here's the horse .... his tangled bangs have been trimmed.

Easton NY

This next photo comes with a funny story.   As we were driving along, I spotted this barn.  As always, John dutifully pulled off the road and since the barn was on his side of the car, he opened his window and I stretched to shoot the photo as quickly as I could so we didn't get hit by any oncoming vehicles.  As I moved the camera away from my eye, I spot this elderly gentlemen walking up the driveway of the barn.  I'm sure he was wondering why the heck I was taking his photo!  I should have stopped and complimented his barn, but in my surprised state, we just drove away.  His none-too-pleased expression may have contributed to my hasty getaway.

 I love so much about this next photo - the rise in the road ahead, the glimpse of a red barn below the hill, the remnants of last summer's harvest and the snow covered trees in a distance.

Honestly, people love traveling all over the world to explore and find beauty in the landscapes of foreign lands.  I've never experienced that kind of wanderlust but driving through this countryside, I can't help but marvel at the profound beauty that is right here in our own state.  In the three hours that we drove from back road to back road, circling the area between Easton, Cambridge and Greenwich, we were mesmerized by the sights before us.  So many farms, some old and in decay,  yet so many still in operation.  This is for sure God's country - Washington County, New York.   Stay tuned because this is only half of the treasure of photographs I want to share from our trip.  Please share this post with your country loving friends and come back soon to Life As I See It!


  1. Recognize many of these places as they are in my neck of the woods (where I have been for 65 years!); glad others appreciate the beauty of Easton!

  2. this picture of the farmer, is my farmer, he would loved to have talked to you. Come back any time and he will show you around.

  3. Love the pictures! My Robinson line lived in Easton from around the 1790's. It's a great way on knowing a little more about my ancestors. Thanks.

  4. I lived on the four corner s in Easton the first eight years of my life.I was a Wilbur My Daddy re built the old school house Sure did miss the fields and freedom we had.


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