Standing Strong Despite Our Brokenness

Wednesday, November 16, 2016
For as long as I’ve been doing photography, I’ve been attracted to trees, not just big green, leafy trees, but especially those trees that are scarred and broken.   I was thinking about those trees tonight as I was going through photos and those scarred and broken trees reminded me of our world today.  After last week’s election and the tension that has followed, I am reminded that we are not unlike those trees.  Have you ever noticed how resilient trees are?  No matter how scarred they become, how broken their branches, how disfigured they become….they still stand strong and tall, determined to survive.  They can have huge hollows in them, other living things living off of them and inside of them and still they stand tall.  They don't give up!  We too are broken at times in our lives and uncertain.  We are messy and scarred from circumstances beyond our control, but like the trees, we are called to be strong.  We are called upon to rely on our faith and on God to heal our brokenness.  Please enjoy this slide show of broken trees and be reminded that despite our brokenness, we, like the trees, can still stand strong.

To view all these trees and more with the accompanying music by Francesca Battistelli, click on my You Tube link here:    I hope this video and Francesca's beautiful song help you to love yourself, despite any brokeness you may be feeling and that you will be reminded that it is only by facing adversity that we grow and become strong.  You - we - are not alone. Don't give up!
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  1. Beautiful photography Gail and a beautiful and healing message to us all. Thank you for sharing your work with us.

  2. Thank you so much Mary.....for checking out the post and for taking time to comment!


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