Jingle Bells, Santa's Elves and Everything Christmas at Artifacts Country Shop

Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanks for coming along my Christmas journey and welcome to Part III of my 2016 Christmas series featuring some of my favorite shops in the 518.  Today's shop, for sure the most unique shop in the series, is guaranteed to be completely different from any shop you plan to visit.  If you've been following the blog for a while, you might remember that I included Artifacts in last year's series too.  When I went back to that post today to read what I'd written, I decided that nothing I wrote today could describe Artifacts any better than how I described it last year.  So, I'm going to borrow my own words and repeat them for newcomers to my blog: Artifacts is like opening a present wrapped in a brown paper sac - a present modestly wrapped but inside that present is the coolest gift you've ever received.  And inside that gift is hidden another gift, and another, and another, each one cooler than the one before.  That's how Artifacts is...one cool find around another, around one corner after another.  The only thing cooler than the store itself is the owner, Beth Cunningham, who is definitely the pied piper of collectors.   If this were my first visit, I'd describe it exactly the same.  Filled to the brim with treasures of every style and price range, Artifacts is a paradise for those shoppers who enjoy a treasure hunt.  On the other hand, it might not be for the shopper who is easily overwhelmed by an abundant selection of merchandise.  

The fun of Artifacts, aside from the thrill of discovery, is definitely the wide variety of cool merchandise that fills every nook and cranny within the tiny, winding wonderland that owner Beth Cunningham has created.  From unique seasonal merchandise, to handmade jewelry, to vegan leather bags.....I'd be shocked if you could leave Artifacts empty handed.  A better question might be, "why would you want to?"  

These are handmade by Beth using tiny pieces originally meant for train displays.

I haven't even included photos of everyday merchandise, since this is a Christmas post.  But you can get a better look at the amazingly unique jewelry at Artifacts in last year's post using this link:
And if you're looking for something completely different for that hard-to-please person on your gift list, how 'bout this:
Here's a few more treasures:

And we can't forget Beth's sidekick and welcoming committee extraordinaire:
Mr. Tibbs doing what cats do best!

Beth warned me she wasn't finished bringing out the holiday merchandise, so if you visit, there will be more treasures than those I've included here.  This weekend is Artifacts Christmas Open House.  Friday, 10:00-6:00, Saturday and Sunday, 10:00-5:00.  They will be closed this Wednesday and Thursday to prepare for the Open House.  Artifacts is located at 205 Pinewoods Road, Melrose, NY.  Check it out!  You will be glad you did.  To follow Artifacts on social media:

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