Jingle Bells, Santa's Elves and Everything Christmas at Bluebird Home Decor

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Here we are again.....approaching the time of the year that makes us crazy and joyous all at the same time.  Just 5 1/2 weeks from Christmas, one week from Thanksgiving......after which we'll be on the highway of excess.   During these weeks we'll stress over choosing the perfect gifts, sweat over creating the perfect holiday atmosphere in our homes and somehow we'll still be shocked when Christmas arrives - on time, as scheduled.  Yes, these upcoming weeks can be a little nuts if we aren't careful and it seems most folks go a little overboard on at least one front when it comes to Christmas, but hey, that's just part of the process, right?  One thing I've learned here at Life As I See It - you readers, especially the gals, love any post I write featuring beautiful shops.  So I'm back for my third annual Christmas series where I'll be bringing you a bunch of amazing shops in the 518 where you can get your Christmas spirit in high gear and find some beautiful holiday home decor as well as some great gifts for the people on your list.  I'm not sure yet exactly how many there will be, so far I've photographed 5, but I have a few more up my sleeve, so pace yourself - and your budget - and get ready to 'oooh' and 'ahhh' because there are some pretty amazing shops out there beginning with the first on my list, Bluebird Home Decor, always a favorite of mine and hopefully soon yours too!

Bluebird Home Decor is not new to Life As I See It.  In fact, I first blogged about Bluebird back in August of 2015 and again in November.  The brainchild of marketing genius, Nicolle Broughton, Bluebird Home Decor in Troy, NY is a lifestyle shop where the old and new come together to create a unique and eclectic collection of goods to appeal to anyone on your gift list.  Nicolle's mom, Shelly Broughton, is an extraordinary artist, not just with amazing talent, but with an eye and imagination beyond ....well, just beyond!  Bluebird is filled with Shelly's paintings and I had the privilege of featuring her and her art in this blog back in November 2015. 

I love everything in Nicolle's wonderland, but I have to admit that Shelly's paintings are the thing that I lust over each and every time they appear on Facebook and Instagram.  From her moon scenes, to her soulful animals, each painting is unique and draws you into Shelly's enchanted world. Whether it be that re-purposed lamp, that re-purposed canvas bag, clothing, one of Nicolle's hand-woven wall hangings or one of Shelly's paintings, Bluebird Home Decor is filled with beautiful merchandise you won't find elsewhere.  Each time I visit, not only am I swept away by the comfortable and cozy atmosphere of the shop, I am impressed and so fond of Nicolle who has the wisdom and heart of a very special old soul.  Still in her early 20's, this gal has it all together, and is together way beyond her years.  Have a look around and tell me if you don't agree!

Bluebird Home Decor

Bluebird Home Decor

Shelly's beautiful landscapes!

Bluebird Home Decor

Chickakee also Shelly's beautiful art!

Blue Bird  Home Decor

Bluebird Home Decor

Shelly Broughton, artist
Look at this painting!!  You should see it in person!

These original, handcrafted lights are the brainchild of William Cross. Now you tell me....where else will you see anything like this?  And what other 20 something you know has the vision and talent to put together a store like this?  Heck, I don't know many 60 somethings that have that much talent!  Bluebird Home Decor will help you find the perfect gift, inspire your Christmas decorating and will just make you happy.  Make a point to get to Troy this holiday season.  You will visit again and again because Nicolle's Bluebird Instagram is one of the prettiest Instagram accounts you'll ever follow. There's a reason it has over 3000 followers.  You can find Bluebird Home Decor at 11 Third Street in Troy, right across from CVS. For hours and more information and to follow Bluebird Home Decor on social media, please use these links:
and Instagram @bluebirdhomedecor
Don't go far because the next shop will have your heart racing and your car keys in hand!  The clock is ticking and Christmas is just around the corner.  Not to worry though....I've got you covered. Thanks for reading.  Don't forget to share this!   Share buttons right below!

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