Road Trippin' Again To Enjoy the Views in the Amish Community of Montgomery County

Sunday, November 6, 2016
Back in October, we found ourselves back in familiar territory - twice within a couple weeks.  I confess it's no accident that our journeys keep taking us back to Amish country in Montgomery County.  I am drawn here so often and I'm not sure if it's strictly the plentiful photo opportunities or just the simply beautiful landscape, but it has become one of our favorite destinations this year.  Lucky for me there are never any Amish rocking on their porches watching cars go by, they're all busy at work. But if they were, I'm pretty sure they'd be familiar with our car slowing rolling past, time and time again.  Here's some of the sights we enjoyed on these two trips.
Sunday Road Trippin'

Horse & Buggy

Cow conversations in Montgomery County
You lookin' at me?

Amish in NY
I was absolutely drawn to this scene - a dad moving fresh cut harvest.  Just next to him at the other end of the wagon stood the cutest little girl, barefoot, in what looked like harvested Timothy hay.
Amish in Montgomery County

Amish in Montgomery County

Barefoot Amish Girl

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Amish of NY
When travelling these roads, it's wise to drive with caution since it's a pretty common occurrence to meet a number of horse and buggy in an afternoon.  But one of these particular days, the road was being occupied with some less common travelers who didn't seem as interested in following the rules of the road, nor in sharing it.
Amish of NY

Amish of NY
Amish of NY

 At least this fella was where he belonged!
Amish of Montgomery County NY
Look closely at this one.  It took me a minute to notice the guy practicing his shooting.

Amish of Montgomery County
Among the many Amish farms in this area live several non-Amish folk.  This particular farm was pretty interesting........
Montgomery NY

Stone Arabia
And driving away from the serenity and simple life of the Amish, there is this, a return to reality.
Circumstances kept us from visiting Lancaster this year, but that's ok.  I still have our local Amish community and it is a much shorter drive.  Thanks for joining me on my journey through Life As I See It.  Come back soon for more rural beauty in Easton, NY.

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