Road Trippin' in Beautiful Easton NY - Part II

Friday, November 11, 2016
Sometimes the best therapy is taking a long drive
 on a dirt road.
John and I love taking drives.  It's not a new thing for us, but over the past couple of years it's definitely become one of our favorite things to do together.   Sometimes we don't even have a destination in mind.  We just get in the car and see where we land.  We might be gone a couple of hours, sometimes a whole day.   I've never been a fan of the highway, driving or riding.  I prefer taking in life at a slower speed, and dirt roads definitely accommodate that.  I've talked before about our habit of veering off the favored routes - those routes highlighted by the GPS, the routes that get you to your destination the fastest.  Certainly there are times when those routes make sense, but when it comes to a leisurely drive, it seems counterproductive to be on the fastest route.  Let me explain.

Take a look at this old building (above).  Appreciate the pattern in the wood, the colors that have worn, the sun behind the tree.  Could you have noticed all of that driving 55 or 65 mph?   Driving is a little like living.  We're taught to live productively, to accomplish, to produce, to excel, to reach goals and succeed.  We live in a fast-paced world where life is about immediate gratification, keeping score, getting to the top - as fast as we can.  When we drive we continue with that fast pace choosing highways whenever possible, getting impatient with red lights and detours, feel frustrated with slower drivers.  It's all about 'getting there'.   One thing I've learned on our many road trips is that dirt roads force you to slow down.  They force you to take in the surroundings, appreciate the landscape, breathe in the fresh air.  They encourage you to relax in your seat and savor the view.  Views like these:
Easton NY
Easton NY
Antique truck in Easton NY
Easton NY
Easton field
Easton NY
Easton NY
Easton in Washington County
Easton NY
Rural Easton NY
Easton NY

Washington County

We live in a pretty outrageously beautiful part of the world and sadly, most days we are all on such a fast-paced treadmill we don't even realize it.  On this day, this ride, I found myself feeling extremely blessed....blessed to have a spouse who appreciates spending days like these, blessed to be able to get out and enjoy days like these, and blessed to live in a world so beautiful that even photos cannot capture it.  It's truly humbling to slow down and take in the wonder of God's creation all around us.

On our previous rides through Easton, we came across this cemetery just down the road from Willard Mountain Ski Resort.  Fascinated with it in winter (and featured in my winter blog about Easton), I thought you'd enjoy some seasonal comparisons.
For a closer look, click on photo to enlarge.

Easton NY
Easton NY
And then there was this sad sight....formerly this historic barn, Sam Clarke's Carriage Factory, is now torn down and replaced by something newer and sturdier.  This is just one small example of how time changes things and how fleeting life and opportunity is.  I hope this post will inspire you to take an afternoon to get off life's face-paced treadmill and get out there and drive slow down a dirt road.  Feel the sun on your cheeks, open the window and feel the wind in your hair and pay attention to the landscape that surrounds you.  Even better it in Easton NY where there is no shortage of breathtaking beauty in every direction you look.  You might just get a glimpse at Life As I See It.
To enjoy some of winter views of some of these same roads, check out my earlier blog post:

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