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Monday, November 23, 2015
Passion - the driving force behind so many things in life and especially my previous post about Shelly Broughton, a local artist whose work has captured my heart.  We pass down a variety of traits to our children and passion is definitely one of the traits Shelly passed down to her daughter, Nicolle, owner and mastermind behind the unique and inspiring lifestyle shop - Bluebird Home Decor.  I first wrote about Blue Bird back in August and have been following them on Instagram and Facebook, and at least once a week I'm blown away by something Nicolle has posted.  Not surprising because her shop is a potpourri of old and new, vintage and re-purposed treasures you'll not see anywhere but here - including her mom's gorgeous paintings!

If you missed my first feature on Nicolle - you can read it here:

At the very young age of 23, Nicolle had the vision and passion to open her own shop in downtown Troy.  Now, two years later and in her second location, Nicolle has an eye for beauty and a soft spot in her heart for anything vintage.  Her shop is full of old items made new - from furniture to lighting...much of which has been handcrafted by another inspiring and creative artist, William Cross. William creates unusual and unique lamps from a variety of items, each one more special than the one before.

William also uses old tube radios and converts them into blue tooth radios creating beautiful furniture pieces like the ones below:

Notice the handbags - they're made from re-cycled military tarps and tents!

Whatever strikes your fancy, you can find a variety of cool gifts at Bluebird Home Decor.  From candles to handbags, wall hangings, and so much more including Shelly Broughton art -- Bluebird Home Decor is not your average store.  It's a treasure trove of interesting and unusual pieces sure to pique the curiosity in all of you.
Take a moment and check out my first post on Nicolle and Bluebird Home Decor, my post on Shelly, artist extraordinaire, and craftsman, William Cross.  Link to all of these are included at the end of this post.  This holiday season, shop local and support local businesses!

Thanks for reading and come back soon to Life As I See It.  (William Cross Facebook Page)

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