How Old is Old Enough to be Antique? Just Ask the Folks at Hemmings Motor News!

Friday, November 6, 2015
How do we measure our age?   Is it by years, or experience, or the number of generations still living before you?  Or is it by the number of aches and pains we feel when we step out of bed?  It might be measured by the amount of changes you've witnessed in technology.  In our household today, at least light-heartedly, it is being felt in the fact that a childhood possession is museum-worthy.  Stop and ponder that for a moment......something you own on display in a museum.  Well, that's what happened in our world today - John's bike, a bike he bought when he was a young teen - is now part of the Hemmings Motor News Vehicle Display in Bennington, VT.
 My husband, John, is a saver....a dedicated, life-long saver.  Of the many childhood items he's held onto for his 60+ years, his Western Flyer bike is one treasure that has sat in his parents' home for the past 37 years of our married life together.  He's often considered passing it along, but has never quite brought himself to find the 'right' owner.  That is.... until today!

Western Flyer from the mid 1960's - purchased with money John saved from gathering old newspapers from neighbors using his Radio Flyer wagon.  His dad took the papers to a recycler in his 1955 Chevy Nomad station wagon.  Once he'd collected and sold $60 worth, he bought this bike.  The odometer reading today read 1257 miles.
 A while back John's brother, James, was visiting the Hemmings Motor News Car Store and Museum in Bennington when he noticed that among the beautiful old cars on display, some old bikes were hanging from the ceiling.  Right away, he thought of John's bicycle.  Well, John recently contacted the museum and thanks to Rick Morse, Facility Supervisor, John's bike will now be among those bikes, proudly hanging on display!  John was thrilled to find someone who not only appreciated the donation, but who respected and appreciated the love John felt for his antique bike.  It was the perfect way to part with an old friend!  I went along for the ride today not expecting to do much more than keep John company, and even though the museum is closed for the winter, Rick graciously gave us a personal tour and well, let me just say.....I'm glad I don't go anywhere without my camera.  What a place!!!  I knew immediately a blog post had been born.
I am not going to bog down this post with words, because I feel the photos will speak for themselves, but let me say, whether or not you are a car enthusiast, you must get to Bennington and check this place out.

The Hemmings Store
At Hemmings, gas pumping is still Full-Service!!!

 In addition to old vehicles, the museum is filled with old artifacts like these:
 Each vehicle on display is accompanied by a plaque like the one below featuring information, history and specs on that vehicle.
The Hemmings News Car Lover's Store, Old Fashioned Sunoco Station and Car Display is a must-see next time you're in Bennington.  Although the display is closed (except by appointment) until May, come spring they feature cruise-in's and all sorts of fun events.  I never thought I'd find myself excited about photos of cars and car parts.....or have so much fun amidst 25 old vehicles, but this is right up there as one of my favorite blog posts.  Thank you Rick for your hospitality today and for giving John's baby a permanent place of distinction among these beautiful masterpieces!  We will be forever grateful.  For more information about Hemmings....check out the links provided below.  If you have any car enthusiasts in your life, please share this with them using the links provided at the end of this post.
Next time, I promise to be back with several posts featuring your favorite shops as they transform into holiday wonderlands for your shopping pleasure!  You won't want to miss one!  Thanks for reading and come back soon to Life As I See It!

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