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Monday, November 2, 2015
I hope you enjoyed my last post which featured the Giving Keys.  If you missed it...the basic premise to the Giving Keys is this......a person wears a key with a word significant to them on a chain, or on a bracelet to help them through a crisis or challenging time in their life.  The word, (the key) serves as a reminder that encourages one through difficulties, or it might be a reminder that the person is brave or has courage or hope.  At some point, once the wearer is beyond their difficulty, they in turn give their key to someone they meet who needs the message more than they do.  And the giving continues....inspiring and encouraging individuals during troubled times.  While this alone is pretty amazing, the company that turns these recycled keys into jewelry employs people who are transitioning from homelessness, helping them find their own apartments and eventually even homes.  I love this entire idea and couldn't wait to purchase my own Giving Key - which I did today when I visited the Apple Barrel in Schoharie.  My key is inscribed, "Let Go".

You may be wondering why I chose "LET GO" when I could have chosen words like create or inspire, or hope or dream.  A number of words are available for your key.  I could have even ordered a key with a custom word of my choosing.  While there were other words that could have been appropriate or inspirational to me, LET GO seems to be a reoccurring theme in my life and I think, in everyone's life.  I even did a post early on in my blog entitled, Holding On & Letting Go because I think at some point in everyone's life, the task of Letting Go is required.   It's good to be reminded when to hold on, and when to let go.

For example:
  1.  -How many times do we hold on to regrets....regrets for things we did, regrets for things we should have done, regrets for times we've failed, things we said or should have said?
  2. -How many times have we held on to grudges for hurts we've endured that were so painful we can't seem to get beyond them to forgive and forget?
  3. -How many times have we held on to expectations....expectations that people would treat us in a way we'd hoped or imagined they might, expectations that life will play out a certain way, that a boss will notice and appreciate our hard work?
  4. -How many times have we chased after people in our lives, hoping that they'd find time for us, or make time for us, sometimes even after it's abundantly clear they have no time or interest in being part of your life?
  5. -How many times have we held on to unrealistic goals or misguided dreams, even when in our hearts we knew that they were not achievable?  Yet, we continue to chase after them and get disappointment, unfulfilled dreams and then we feel we've failed.
  6. -How many times have we held on to anger and resentment, even when the person we are angry with has no clue, or worse yet has moved on, uninterested in righting their wrong?
  7. -How many promises have you made to yourself or to others about your intent to change when deep down you know you are unable or unwilling to do so? Yet we hold on to our empty promises because it's easier than facing the truth.
  8. -How many things - material things - do we hold on to that serve no purpose in our lives other than to clutter our space and create stress in our lives?
  9. -How many expectations have you placed on yourself to succeed, to climb the corporate ladder, to be the best mom on the block, to be the best athlete in the family? 
I think at any time in our lives any one of these scenarios might be present.  At times, maybe more than one could be present. At what cost are these expectations? These things, these burdens drag us down.   They weigh us down, they change our mood and cloud our judgement.  They keep us from being whole and they keep us from being happy.
Now I'm not suggesting that we all run amuck without goals and dreams, void of emotion.  What I am suggesting, what my key represents is to Let Go of the things that weigh you down, the things that steal your happiness instead of promote it.  Let Go of the hurts, the disappointments, the failed expectations and move forward. Let Go of the things you can't change.  People won't always be who you need them to be, life won't always turn out like you'd dreamed it would be, people won't always feel regretful for how they treat you and the bottom line is we have no control over most of the negativity we hold on to.  It serves no purpose other than to rob you of your happiness and your peace.  Let Go of everything in your life that isn't serving to make you a better person, a satisfied person, a positive person.  Just Let Go!
Think about what you are holding on to that is interfering with your happiness and peace.  I bet you could make a list.  Whether it's one thing or ten.....write it down and then tear it up and let it go.  Maybe you need a key too.....Check out The Giving Keys and when it's time, give your key to someone else you see being burdened by baggage.
To read about the Giving Keys in my earlier post, to check out the Giving Keys website and to read my early post entitled, Holding On and Letting Go, use the links below.  Thanks for reading.  Please remember to use the easy links at the bottom of this post to share this post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Email!


  1. I find this to be so hard to do sometimes. I need to practice letting go more.

  2. I think everyone has trouble with this, Jenny. Otherwise Let Go wouldn't be one of their word options.;)


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