Enjoying Some Holiday Retail Therapy at the Beautiful Bluebird Home Decor

Friday, December 10, 2021

Bo Derek once said, 'Whoever said money can't buy happiness didn't know where to go shopping.'  Most women would agree that a little retail therapy can turn a frown upside down.  I enjoyed a little retail therapy this week under the guise of collecting material for a few blogs.  Yes, my husband went along with that story, as he always does, being the saint he is, and I'm thrilled to begin this mini series of great shops with the ever-popular Bluebird Home & Gifts.

If you're a regular follower of the blog, you know I'm a long-time fan of Bluebird from way back when Nicolle had her shop in downtown Troy.  In fact, Bluebird has been featured here on the blog several times over the years.  A couple years ago, Bluebird moved its location from Troy to State Street in downtown Schenectady, another gorgeous urban storefront.  And now....Bluebird has spread its wings and opened a second location on Route 9, Castleton-on-Hudson, NY, (Schodack).   I was so excited to finally visit for the first time since their opening on October 29th and oh boy...it was worth the wait.

The biggest difference between the new store in Schodack and Schenectady is the fabulous parking.  If you're not a city person, you'll love that.  The only thing prettier than the house itself is the gorgeous array of home decor and gifts inside.  

Nicolle's mom, Shelley Broughton, is an extraordinary artist.  I've been growing my collection of her work for a while now and I may or may not have added to that collection on this visit.  Her unique vision, her use of color and mixed medium along with her friendly animals and nature are mesmerizing and awe inspiring.  Notice them scattered throughout the shop.  There's even a dedicated baby room that is filled with all sorts of unique gifts for babies and little ones.  Here's a peek inside this wonderland of goodness....

Can you tell I can't get enough of this scene?

Aside from finding all kinds of treasures for yourself, you will find unique gifts for so many people on your gift list. In case you're wondering how my will power held up.....it didn't.  In fact it was John who fell in love with the magical painting of Santa crossing the moon that's in front of the fireplace in the first photo. I was all too willing to add it to our collection, now totalling 8 of Shelley's paintings.  Lucky me!  You can be lucky too.  Make time to visit either Bluebird - or both since the merchandise varies a little from store to store and tell Nicolle I sent you.  To see much more and for more information about hours and directions, you can find Bluebird on Instagram @bluebirdhomedecor and on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Bluebirdhomedecor.  
Come back soon when I'll be sharing Dirty Bird Antiques and Uniques which is located just across the street from Bluebird and also The Olde Mercantile on Pawling Avenue in Troy.  

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