A Solemn View at the Gerald B. Solomon National Cemetery

Tuesday, December 21, 2021

The Christmas season can evoke a myriad of emotions from excitement to anxiety, or stress to immense joy, but amidst the hectic pace of preparation, I like to pause.  During that pause, I take some time to step away from the chaos to visit the cemeteries, including the Gerald B. Solomon National Cemetery in Schuylerville NY.

This past Saturday, thanks to the Wreaths Across America program, wreaths were laid on every grave at the National Cemetery and the sight of the decorated gravestones was breath-takingly beautiful.  According to one of my readers, the wreaths, made from balsam fir, originate in Maine.  The sheer number of veterans laid to rest in one location is sobering.  It's a stark reminder that not everyone is able to embrace the holidays with excitement. For so many families who have a veteran buried here, there's an empty chair at the Christmas table.  Just today during our short visit, there were at least two burials taking place.  For those families, and so many like them, sadness and loss will make the holidays difficult.  Visiting these sacred grounds reminds me that the holidays are not the same joyous time for everyone.  Please take a moment to scroll through the photos and ponder the sacrifice these veterans and their spouses made for each and every one of us.

Amazing, right? The wreaths will remain on the graves until mid-January. If time allows, take a drive to Schuylerville and pay your respects to all the veterans who gave so much for all of us.  And then visit the cemeteries of your own family members if you haven't already and when you are sitting around the dinner table on Christmas, talk about those family members who are no longer with you and keep their memories and stories alive for future generations.  
In Memory of All Those Who Left Us Too Soon.

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