From Snow Flurries to the Flurry of Butterfly Wings....Spring is On the Way!

Saturday, March 10, 2018
So....maybe my last post wasn't my last hoorah with winter, but all of you who shook your finger at me, playfully placing blame for this week's nor'easter can rest assured that I felt your wrath.  A nasty stomach bug grounded me at home for three days causing me to miss out on all the beauty that this last storm brought, so in an effort to spare me further fury...I've got my fingers crossed that the storm on the coast expected to pass us on Monday heads far out to sea.  Judging from the popularity of my last post on Facebook....a dastardly would appear that the majority of you are feeling a little 'over' all this white stuff and might be somewhat anxious for spring.  So I'm extending the olive branch for any influence I may have had over our last foot of snow and bring you a breath of color and some reminders of what's to come as soon as Old Man Winter decides he's had enough.  In my ongoing effort to weed out and organize a bazillion photo files, I realized I've amassed quite a collection of flower-loving bugs over the years.  I realize you wouldn't love a post about bugs, but flowers might just perk us all up and remind us that warmer days are ahead.

 If you truly love nature, 
you'll find beauty everywhere.
- Vincent Van Gogh

I think the lesson here....along with my this. No matter the season, there will always be things we are uncomfortable with. Whether it's snow or ice, dandelions or bumble bees, life presents us with challenges. We can either resist them, fight them, complain about them and dwell in our annoyance, or we can try to find the beauty that is so often accompanying them. That's what I do with the snow. Before long, we'll be embracing the mud and April showers but before we know it, our path will be lined with beautiful blossoms, buzzing bees and warm sunshine. In the meantime, I hope you can see past the freezing temps and arctic winds and remember that all good things are worth waiting for.
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