Finding Spring In All the Right Places!

Saturday, March 24, 2018

I found Spring!!!  I may have had to do some detective work and I may have had to come in from the outdoors to find it, but I can cheerfully announce that I did indeed find Spring in all its glory.  If you're like me and are yearning for some color and signs of the season, today's post will be just what the doctor ordered.  This week we visited some of our favorite shops (only a few, but enough) and we captured some beautiful sunshine and color and a refreshing breath of springtime.  The first stop on our list was the always popular Chatham Flowers and Gifts.  No matter the season, this tiny shop is filled with the most gorgeous fresh flowers and unique gift items....all curated by owner Kathleen Rohlfs and her amazing team of floral designers.  I was disappointed to have missed Kathleen on this visit - she was busy setting up her display at this year's Capital District Garden and Flower Show at HVCC.  If you love what you see here, hop on over to Troy and check her out there this weekend.

Gorgeous, right? Well, one can never have too much spring so from Chatham we headed back to Latham to a place that is beautiful during all seasons, Faddegon's Nursery. Tomorrow is their annual Palm Sunday Open House, a real treat to young and old alike. Filled with spring flowers, beautiful home decor and some very special furry and feathered friends for the kiddos, you'll definitely want to make a stop at Faddegon's tomorrow. It's always a fun time and if anything will get you out of your winter slump, it's Faddegon's. Don't believe me.....check it out...

And if you aren't feeling refreshed and filled with the promise of spring just's a tiny glimpse of spring around my house, because like you, I've had enough of that white stuff and ready for some spring blossoms and warm weather and the start of a fresh new season.

Thanks for stopping by! Don't forget to come back soon. I've got one of your favorite shops coming up next...The Speckled Hen where spring is busting out all over and you won't want to miss it. Thank you for making my life and view worth sharing! For more information on Faddegon's Nursery and Chatham Flowers & Gifts, follow the links below!

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