The Birds of Spring

Thursday, March 29, 2018

By the end of March, I think it's safe to say all of us are ready to bid farewell to winter, the cold, the snow, the barren trees and bulky coats.  We're ready to warmly embrace a new season.  I don't know anyone who doesn't love everything that spring has to offer, even if it's simply its ability to transport us out of the damp and muddy world that we seem stalled in.  Like the rest of you, spring excites me for it's warmth, it's promise, it's emerging green and it's relief from the cold, but I also enjoy the 'birds of spring' who offer their own version of a spring happy dance.  It doesn't take much detective work to spot these feathered beauties who look and behave in a way that shouts 'Spring'.

We watched this little chickadee work tirelessly for days hollowing out this old, decayed stump.  Eventually she determined it not to be an appropriate nesting site for her brood and moved on to another location.  

Robins are always a welcome a breath of hope and a reassurance that winter is coming to an end, even though it's not unusual to have see a random robin, or even a few, during the cold winter.  These were captured one cold February day in my crab apple tree enjoying a snack.

Woodpeckers and hawks feeling a little love!

Rose-Breasted Grossbeaks seem to make an appearance in mid-spring.

Catbirds are not only unusual for their meow-like call; they tend to be comedians in their actions as well.  These beauties hang around all summer and are ravenous diners.
Feed Me!

When I brought home this beautiful felted birdhouse, I imagined some family of birds nesting inside of it's cozy walls, warm and comfy.  It seemed though that the birds had a different vision and bit by bit, this tufted titmouse picked and pecked until there wasn't anything left but the front wall.  Somewhere I imagine must have been one bright and cozy nest filled with the happiest babies in the fluffiest nest ever!

Goldfinches showing evidence of their color transition in spring.

Cedar Waxwings are one of the most exotic looking birds, I think.  Not a regular visitor to my yard, but always welcome, these beauties arrived as a large flock one spring day and feasted on flower petals from my crab apple tree.  What a lucky catch for me!

Red-winged blackbirds are perhaps the sweetest sound of spring, heralding a definitive announcement that spring is indeed here.  We captured this female in Washington Park but it's pretty easy to spot and hear them near any water source.

Spring also marks the arrival of these tiny jewels.  

I've always had a soft spot for swallows.  Growing up at the lake, my mom always fed and catered to the birds.  We had several bird houses and each spring the swallows would return and take up residence.  Once they did, they made sure no one got too close to their nest and would dive bomb anyone who did. These swallows were at Landis Arboretum.

 In every pond, or water hole, or stream, this is a familiar sight!

Nature is a wonderful thing.  Spring is a promise,  hope-fulfilled, and a reminder that if we're patient, all things will become new again.  It is an affirmation that even in the coldest, darkest times, there is hope for new life, bright days and abounding joy.  I hope that as the days warm and the earth becomes green, as the spring birds sing their joyous songs, you will be filled with promise and peace.
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