Spreading Happiness....More Bluebirds!!

Sunday, January 7, 2018
I can now say that I finally understand the phrase ....bluebird of happiness!   There's no way you can have bluebirds out your window and not feel happy.  I've waited my whole life - over 60 years - to see a bluebird in person.  Some things are worth waiting for!!  I thought I was excited when I had two (2) bluebirds, but today my excitement went off the charts when I discovered I have four.  Maybe I had four all along, but today I saw four at once.  Holy cow.  If I disclosed how many photos I've taken over the past week, there'd be men in white coats waiting to accompany me to some asylum for out of control people.  Oh but it would have been worth it.

The bitter cold these past several days has brought all bird varieties out in droves and have kept John busy filling feeders.  I've never eaten a mealworm (blech!!) but they must be tasty because those bluebirds (and I suspect some other birds) are just devouring them.  We've been mostly serving them in a little cup attachment on our Advanced Pole System from Wild Birds Unlimited, but that was empty by lunchtime.  Today we took a drive to Wild Birds Unlimited to come up with a larger capacity solution.  Not only did we find one, we got loads of great advice and education from Lois and her staff to help make our experience with our newfound visitors successful and hopefully long-term.  This is the nifty feeder we chose.  We also bought a couple of these bird food cylinders filled with all sorts of yummy birdie treats including mealworms.  Within 5 minutes of John putting it out, the birds were feasting, not just the bluebirds either.  

 I love when they look straight at you.......their expression....as if to say, "what are YOU looking at?"

My heated birdbath has had a struggle to stay unfrozen in these bitter temperatures, but except for the edges, it's managed...barely.  Thank goodness too because dried mealworms must be like eating pretzels.  It seems that the bluebirds drink pretty frequently after snacking.

At first I was nervous, worried that all the activity at the feeders would scare the bluebirds away.  Well, fortunately that wasn't the case.  Bluebirds seem quite oblivious to the chaos and seem to get along pretty well with all the other types of birds.  John noted recently that it would be nice if people of different color, race and religion could be as accepting and friendly as the birds in our yard.   How true.

Sharing space with the female Red-Bellied Woodpecker.  Look at the specks of flying suet.  Poor birds have to jack-hammer for their lunch.

I wonder if he realizes what's going on above him?

Have you ever seen two butts look so cute?  Me neither.  I don't think I'll ever get over the excitement of having these beauties at my feeders.  I know I can't control nature, but I'm going to do my best to convince these beauties that my little corner of the world is a great place to raise a family where they'll be surrounded by friendly folks who keep their tummies full.  Soon I'll do a post with all the rest of the feeder patrons because trust me....there are so many this year.  I hear there's a heat wave coming this week and we'll finally be out of the 13-day arctic freeze we've been in.  I'm ready, how 'bout you?   I hope you'll come back soon for more Life As I See It.  Don't forget...to never miss a post, you can subscribe below and every new post will be delivered directly to your inbox!  If you missed my first bluebird post:  http://www.lifeasiseeitphotography.net/2018/01/somewhere-over-snowpack-bluebirds.html

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