Finding Beauty in Beautiful Old Structures Along the Back Roads of Fulton and Montgomery County

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Life is simpler......on a back road.

You don't have to follow my blog for long to know me, and if you know me even a little you know that I'm not a city girl.  You know my favorite place to escape is on a dirt road far, far away from the city.  Until I began blogging, I didn't realize just how much I love the country.  In fact even though I've always enjoyed the country, if you asked me four years ago what my favorite getaway destination was, I probably would have said it was the ocean.  I still love the ocean even though I only get there once a year, but the back roads in beautiful New York have definitely become my 'go-to' for rest and restoration.  That is especially true of my last two posts on Easton NY and not far behind ranks the countryside that includes Fulton and Montgomery County.  You're probably feeling like you've already seen post after post of these areas and you have, but every season, every different weather condition, every hour of the day changes the landscape for those who take the time to notice.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones who notices.  

A week or so ago, John and I headed back to Ephratah, a beautiful little town (39 sq. miles) west of Gloversville.  One interesting note about Ephratah, in 1830, the census reported the population as 1818.  In 2010 it was 1604.  The highest population was in 1870 at 2207.  We loved Ephratah so much, we've been looking forward to getting back.  Although we weren't able to completely retrace our previous route (occupational hazard of just driving mindlessly without making notes along the way), we found plenty of scenic, winter beauty.   
The Historic Saltsman's Hotel - over 200 years old

Another day of perfect road conditions ;)  

For a close-up of the silo....check out the photo below.

 We figured out on our first trip to Ephratah that we were just down the road a piece from our beloved Amish community in Stone Arabia.  We also figured out we were just down the road from one of my favorite subjects.....the Palatine Church and the Palatine Church Farm.
Palatine Lutheran Church, built in 1770
To see the inside of the church, and read about its history:
An American Revolution Survivor - Blog Post

Amish Hay Bales

Some might hesitate to venture out for a drive on such a grey day assuming there'd be nothing pretty to see. you can see from this post, we found plenty of color and beauty against an otherwise bland backdrop.  Beauty is not just in the eyes of the beholder, it's wherever one chooses to open their heart and mind to notice it.    Next time someone tells you that there's nothing to see in a certain town, don't let them fool you.  There's something precious to behold in every town if only you take the time to notice.  If you enjoy today's post and want to see more, I have many posts of the Amish communities in Fulton and Montgomery County.  Just click on my blog Directory and look under the first Category, Destination-NY.  All Directory categories are listed in chronological order, oldest listed first.  Each post title is a link that, when clicked on, can take you directly to that post.  Don't forget to share the blog using the social media and email buttons at the end of this post (on web version).  You can subscribe to receive each and every post in your email (and no other junk or emails, just new posts) by clicking here: Subscribe   Thanks for reading.  Come back soon for more Life As I See It.

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