Blue Skies, Snowpack, Old Barns and Breathtaking Landscape Draw Us Back to Easton....Again

Sunday, January 21, 2018
Have you ever noticed how we're drawn to things?  People, places, my love of photography I'm often drawn to places where I know there is ample opportunity for photo ops.  No matter the season, I find myself drawn to Easton, NY again and again.  In fact, if you're a regular follower, you know my last blog post featured it.  Unlike the majority of popular opinion, I love winter.  I should clarify...I don't love the sub zero cold and I don't like driving or walking on dangerous ice, but I love, love, love the snow-covered landscape. That might translate to my little backyard, or the snow-laden trees along the roadside and it definitely includes the breathtakingly beautiful snow-covered country landscape of Easton.  Since my last visits to Easton were on cloudy, grey days, we thought we'd return again on this beautiful, sunny day and retrace our most recent drive - a road we'd never taken till our most recent trip. This time we took it in the opposite direction.  Let me just say, it was amazing.  I'm embarrassed to say I took over 300 photos and have whittled my favorites down to 50+ which I'll be sharing in a few blog posts.  Though I could never live that far out in the country, I can easily understand why people do.
 What is it about old cars sitting in a field that makes them so charming?

This one's for my Mom - she loves trees!

Is it just us or do you see what we see? In my many years of picture taking, the photos from this one road trip might be my favorites...ever. I so love the Easton countryside, all the barns and outbuildings, the sheep and horses, the gnarly trees and wobbly fences... all tug at my heartstrings and beg to be preserved in photos. If you know anyone whose property I included, please share with them. I hope you'll come back soon for the second installment of this road trip.  Yes....there is more.  Stay warm and stay dry.  I read today that Spring is only 59 days away.  Hopefully that means we have a few more good snowfalls to enjoy & admire.  I'll document them, you just stay in and enjoy from the comfort of your warm nest.  See you soon at Life As I See It.

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