Part II of Blue Skies and Snowpack, Breathtaking Landscape in Easton NY

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

 Wow.....Judging from my numbers, you all love Easton as much as we do.  As promised I have the rest of my favorite photos from this road trip.  In order to capture the beautiful, snow-covered trees, we're sometimes traveling on less than perfect road conditions.  Lucky for me, John is a saint and is willing to drive on most anything.  This trip was pretty snowy but my excellent driver managed just fine and the snowcover made for some really scenic road shots.  I love snapping through the car window ahead of me.  Soon I'll have a post for you with snapshots of just those photos, but for tonight I'll leave you with few words and many beautiful views of gorgeous Washington County.  If you missed Part I of this trip, here's your ticket:

 Pretty like a postcard!   Thanks for riding along.   I'll be back over the weekend for more rural road trippin'.  Thanks for reading and sharing.   If you enjoy the blog, don't forget to subscribe! Subscribe Here

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