Mr. and Mrs. Claus Would Love to Rest Awhile at the Garden Bug

Thursday, December 8, 2016
Chairs by the Fire
Christmas is such a warm and happy holiday and nothing is happier or warmer than a visit to the Garden Bug in Amsterdam.  Does this image not just make you feel warm and cozy?  That's just how I felt when John and I took a spontaneous drive out to Amsterdam this week.  I love the Garden Bug at any season, but like all the shops in this Christmas series, it is especially wonderful during the Christmas season.  This delightful scene is in the brand new giant gathering space that Steve and Charlene Brown have been working on for many months.  The Garden Bug is located inside a beautiful 100 year old barn on their property and this room, the Daisy Room (named after a one of the goats that used to reside in this side of the barn) is now the coffee and snack area of the Bug.  We've seen this space several times over the past year, beginning back when the space was still a 'barn' and a few times throughout it's construction.  We've been so anxious to see the finished space and I can tell you it surpassed all of our expectations. Could you not just sit here all afternoon?  Wait till you see the rest of the photos of this space!!
Reclaimed Wood

Recycled Barnwood

Christmas at Garden Bug

Built with re-purposed old barn wood, this new space is the perfect addition to the already amazing space that houses a shop full of beautiful treasures for your home.

This large picture inspired our trip, although I didn't come home with it.

 Like all of the other shops I've featured in this holiday series, you'll be hard pressed to get out empty handed.  I never do.  Aside from the beautiful merchandise you can see in these photos, Steve and Charlene also sell gorgeous wreaths and kissing balls.  In the summer they sell garden plants and in the fall, pumpkins and mums.  It's no wonder they need a break after the holidays.  The Garden Bug closes on December 30th until the end of April,  so I suggest you visit before then and find something special before it's gone.  When I do my annual house tour post, you'll see what I managed to come home with ... ;)  From the sun streaming in the windows, to the new gas fireplace, to the warmth of Steve and Char....everything at the Garden Bug is welcoming and cheerful.

Even Hunter will be happy to see you .....  as long as it's not nap time.   December 10th is Ugly Sweater Day at the Bug.   Wear your ugly Christmas sweater and receive 10% off and a free cup of tea.  On December 18th Santa himself will be visiting the Garden Bug from 1:00-3:00 pm/ If you missed my two previous posts about the Garden Bug, you can read them here:
Thanks for reading.  Stay warm this weekend.  I've heard the weathermen warn that it might actually feel like December and snow might be headed this way.  Oh well, it had to come eventually, right?

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