Bringing the Adirondacks Home for the Holidays and Beyond

Monday, December 12, 2016
Can you believe Christmas is less than two weeks away?  Unless you have super powers, I'm betting that your shopping isn't finished, your presents aren't all wrapped and you're scrambling to be finished in time for the big day.  If you're reading this and saying none of those apply to you.....well, all I can say is BRAVO!  I wish I could say the same.   Maybe if I wasn't running around checking out so many amazing local shops to share with you, I'd be ready too, but heck, life's too short to not have some fun.  In case you haven't noticed, all of the shops I blog about are local small businesses. They're shops I've come to know mostly since I began blogging, shops I continue to enjoy for my own personal needs - aside from the blog.  Today I bring you a new one, new to me anyway and like the others, this is a local business that has a small store front but a big following in New York State, especially in the Adirondacks.
Snowman and birds on Birch
Back in 1994, Lane and Cathy Pelletier were big fans of candles.  When their favorite candle, (that big company that has a flagship store in Deerfield, MA) became too pricey for their budget, Lane wondered, 'how hard can it be to make candles?'   Determined to find out, Lane and Cathy began making candles in their kitchen and gifting them to friends.  Before long, they were selling them at house parties.  Today, Adirondack Candles are sold in many shops in the Adirondacks, a few locally, and by mail order from their website.  Lane and Cathy are passionate about the Adirondacks and many (most) of their scents are Adirondack inspired, such as Chocolate Moose, Deep Woods Berries, Adirondack Pine, Wine by the Lake and Northwoods Spruce.  Of course if you're into the more traditional scents, you'll find Lodge Linens, Baby Powder, and Berry Balsam.  And if you like scents that remind you of your favorite foods, you'll love Lumberjack Flapjacks, Campfire Smores, Maple Sugar Shack and Cider Donuts.  There are over 60 scents to choose from including these holiday favorites:  ChrisMoose Balsam, Peppermint Stick, and Hollyberry,   The Pelletiers are committed to producing candles with scents that smell as fragrant at the bottom of the jar as they are when they are first opened at a more affordable price than their big name competitors.  Reviews on their social media are a testimony that their product is as good as they promise.  I will confess I am not a big candle consumer.  I find the strong scents sometimes aggravate my asthma but I will tell you that I spent about a half hour in their storefront and although the candles smelled amazing, they were not overpowering.

Adirondack Candle Company Maple Sugar Shack

 Adirondack Candle Company also makes votives and Moose Chips (tarts) as well as fire starters.
Moose Mix Scent

In addition to their candles, Lane and Cathy have filled their shop with all sorts of wonderful Adirondack-themed gifts.  Although their gift merchandise is not available through online shopping, the storefront is open every Saturday from 10:00-3:00pm, and by appointment.  I left wishing I had someone on my gift list that loved the Adirondack theme - I could have gone crazy.

Birch Coasters

Adirondack Candle Company is another great example of what can happen when people follow their passion, invest in their dream and are willing to work hard until that dream is achieved.  Cathy and Lane are just everyday folks who live in the local 518 who have built a business that extends far beyond their hometown.  I hope you'll consider shopping local and check them out.  There's still one Saturday before Christmas (not counting Christmas Eve), so head on up to Ballston Lake this weekend and buy some great locally produced candles.  Yes....they still make the candles themselves, only now they aren't making them in their kitchen but in the back of their store.  You can also find their candles at Lakeside Farm and Impressions in Saratoga.  Of course, you can also order online!  For more information and to follow Adirondack Candle on social media, use the links below!
Thanks for reading!  Come back soon for another glimpse at Life As I See it!  Heaven only knows where life might take me, but I promise I'll share that adventure with you!  

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