Santa's Finest for You and Yours at Schuyler Pond at Scallions, Part VII of my Holiday Series

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
Confession time......I pretend that these shop posts are for all of you, but if I were to be totally honest I'd admit that they're also for me.  You see, normally I'm not much of a shopper, but when it comes to Christmas I'm a full fledged addict. I can't get enough.  That is especially true when it comes to all the shops I've selected for this series. It also explains why after collecting Christmas chotskies for over 38 years, one would assume  I've collected my fill, reached my quota, have everything I could ever need or want.  Well, notsomuch.  For us Christmas-a-holics, there's no such thing as enough, just like good chocolate and I know some of you can relate to that.  Today I visited two more of my favorite sources for feeding my addiction and I think everyone of you will 'get it' after my posts.
Today's post, Part VII in my 2016 series,  features one of my repeat regulars, Schuyler Pond, now Schuyler Pond at Scallions.  You may remember Schuyler Pond from back when it was located inside a huge, fabulous barn on Route 29, but these days it's located inside of a teeny, tiny shop nestled inside of the Scallions Restaurant building in the city of Saratoga Springs.  While the space is just a fraction of their previous location, Amanda Crames, is a genius at using every square inch of space - both lateral and vertical - to optimally pack as much goodness into her shop as possible.  And she does it with flare and style!  Besides being a great place to find the most unique and unusual holiday decor, Schuyler Pond is also a great place to find the most unique and wonderful gift items as well.

Schuyler Pond at Scallions

Long-time shoppers will recognize this couch.....

Fox are really big this season, so naturally Amanda has some beauties!

And this tiny mouse in a still my heart!

Of course, there's plenty for the Jennifer Lanne lover at Schuyler Pond!

And if you're looking for some really cool gifts, you'll find them in abundance at Schuyler Pond:

Amanda says these fingerless mittens are flying off the rack!  No wonder!

Check out these bags......made from paper but feel like leather.

For the cook on your list....

Fabulous gifts for the littles on your list

Adore these Jennifer Lanne placement pads!!

Jewelry is the newest addition to Schuyler Pond.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift, or looking for something for yourself, Schuyler Pond has something that will fit the bill.  If you haven't been there, ever or in a long time, now's the time to go.  Amanda and her staff are the best and can help you pick the perfect gift.  After you finish your shopping, enjoy a meal at Scallions Restaurant, one of Saratoga's best.
Thanks for reading today.  Come back soon for another installment in my series, another of your favorites.....The Garden Bug!    Don't miss my first 6 posts of other great shops in the area!  You can find them by clicking on the category "Let's Shop" at the top of the blog where you can scroll from one post to another and another, or on the sidebar under November and December!

For more information and to follow Schuyler Pond at Scallions:
Instagram:  @schylerpond

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