Road Trippin' in Northern New York - From the Countryside to the Adirondacks

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wow, has this been a banner year for foliage or what!?!?  It's been hard to stay home when the weather has been as beautiful as it has.  It seems the road has just been calling to us and we've been blessed to have had some really wonderful road trips lately.  Let me tell you a little about how our road trips go....first of all, they often have no particular destination, just a general direction.  For instance, we might head towards Vermont, we might head west toward Schoharie County, this day we decided to head North.  The other 'rule' is that whenever possible, we get off of the main roads, often resorting to narrow dirt roads.  This rule is for two reasons 1) on those back roads we find things we would not have found on the main roads and 2) it's much easier and safer to stop for photos on the back roads. Thank goodness for smart phones with map apps that let you track your travels and get you back to civilization after such detours!  So this particular day, we headed north on the Northway, got off at Exit 17N and began our adventure.  Come along as we travel through the country into the Adirondacks and back!
Sunset Lake
Parked along the roadside enjoying lunch on Sunset Lake in VT
Like so many other northbound road trips, we traveled through Fort Edward, Granville, Whitehall and then up through Vermont to Orwell.  We stopped by the beautiful Sunset Lake, with no public access but fortunately a couple of small pull-offs where we rested a bit and had some of our packed lunch.  From there we drove north to Ticonderoga where we took the Ferry across Lake Champlain. (Just in time too - I read today that due low water conditions, the ferry is now in its winter quarters).
From Ticonderoga we headed west on Route 74 past some gorgeous lakes, including Eagle Lake (wish there had been a place to stop there!!!), on to Schroon Lake, south to North Creek, Warrensburg, and Lake George where we finished our day with dinner at A & W.  It was their last day of the season!  As you might imagine, this day which encompassed several hours and several miles also involved a great deal of photos. I apologize in advance.  Pictures will be in order taken as we progressed along our route.
Granville NYRoad Trippin' North of Saratoga County
Road Trippin'
Warren County NY
Road Trippin' in Northern NY
This is one of the barns in the Amish Community in Whitehall.

I fell in love with this barn.  Had to get it from every angle!

Beautiful park overlooking Schroon Lake.

I think you'll agree, northern New York is filled with beauty at every curve.  Stay tuned for another edition of road trippin' when we take you through Easton NY and Chatham NY.  You won't want to miss 'em.  Thanks for reading.  Please share with a friend and consider subscribing to receiving future posts in your inbox.  Just use the New Posts by Email link on the right sidebar of this post!

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