An Autumn Afternoon with the Llamas of Dakota Ridge Farm

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's been a long time since I wrote a blog about llamas.  For a while there I was on quite a roll, so much so I was looking over my shoulder to see if an intervention team might be approaching.  I didn't need them.....I controlled my addiction (eventually) but friday I thought it was about time to take the grandchildren to say hi to my friends at Dakota Ridge Farm.  Visiting Dakota Ridge Farm is like going to a family reunion where everyone gets along and there's no crazy relatives!  It's like going to a place where everyone likes each other, where there's no stress, no animousity, no politics.  It's a sort of sanctuary from the craziness of the world, a place where everyone feels loved and accepted - even the visitors.
Dakota Ridge Farm
Dainan - born 6/15/16
There were quite a few babies on the farm now, like the one above.  It's a good thing they don't stay this size.  I think people might start having llamas like they have cats and dogs.  This cutie is very resourceful...carrying dinner on his back!
Dakota Ridge Farm
Mama Llama Heart Katcher

Dakota Ridge Farm
Brand new baby boy - two days old!

Grandpa's girl
Llamas of Dakota Ridge Farm
Klaire - born 6/12/16

Dakota Ridge Farm
Dakota Ridge Farm
Showing the new kid how it's done.  Stand up straight and smile!

Dakota Ridge Llama Farm

Dakota Ridge Farm

Dakota Ridge Farm
And the other side........

Dakota Ridge Farm
There aren't just llamas on the farm.  Katrina's horse Sakima and her sister Jennifer's horse, Jax, call Dakota Ridge home sweet home too.  Elena loves the horses as much as she loves the llamas.  Katrina was so gracious to let Elena help with Sakima's cool-down after his walk.
Dakota Ridge Farm

Jennifer of Dakota Ridge Farm
Sakima, Katrina and Elena

Dakota Ridge Farm
Best Buddies - Jax and Sakima

Jax & Sakima at Dakota Ridge Farm
Equine Kisses

Jax at Dakota Ridge Farm
Hamming it up for the camera!

Babies checking out the new llama baby.

Dakota Ridge Farm
Will you look at the arms!!  Oh my!

Elena lovin' on Spice and Spice soaking it all up.

Braelyn and Elena watching Spice who was sitting in the catnip.

Checking out the geese enjoying the autumn afternoon on the pond.
And I had to save the best for last - my favorite llama at Dakota Ridge - Down Under Thunder being a bit of a goofball.  There are so many captions for this one!

If you've never spent time with llamas, I urge you to make a date to visit Dakota Ridge and get to know Katrina and Gary and their entire family on the farm.  You'll want to go back again and again. Thank you Katrina for your warm and caring hospitality and for sharing your farm family with us!

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