Road Trippin' in Autumn in Beautiful Chatham NY

Saturday, October 29, 2016
Road Trippin' in Chatham NY
After this week's surprise snow, it might seem like the fall foliage season is a thing of the past, but not to worry.  I still have some autumn just waiting to be shared and that's just what today's post is all about. We found ourselves in Chatham recently, once on a Sunday afternoon and again a few days later for my visit to Little Brook Farm.  If you haven't read post yet, please take time to check it out - it's a really special place!  Anyway, Chatham and Old Chatham and all the tiny hamlets around it are a picture postcard of beautiful farmland and countryside.  From one dirt road to another, we found beautiful farms, miles of fencing and picturesque scenes in every direction.  What a special piece of unspoiled countryside!  Come along as we take a little road trip in and around Chatham, NY!
Chatham NY
Chatham NY
Road Trippin' on the blog in Chatham NY
Chatham NY
Chatham in Autumn
Autumn in the Country in Chatham
Country Farm in Chatham NY
Chatham NY on the blog
Road Trippin' to Chatham NY in today's post
Chatham NY
Chatham NY on the blog
We're road trippin' in Chatham today
Chatham NY
Picture Perfect Road trippin to  Chatham NY
Dirt roads galore in Chatham NY
Road Trippin' from one road to the next in Chatham NY
Chatham NY
Chatham NY
Between two roads in Chatham NY
Chatham NY Dirt Road
Chatham NY
Autumn in Chatham NY
Life on a farm

Farm in Chatham NY

Autumn road in Chatham NY

Road Tripping in Chatham NY

Chatham NY blog post
Deer in a field in Chatham NY
Chatham Farm
Spending the day in Chatham NY
Autumn in country, Chatham NY
Chatham NY on the blog
See what I mean?   Miles and miles of rolling hills, undeveloped countryside.  How lucky to live in a place so peaceful and pristine!  Thanks for letting me share it with you.  Next time you're looking for something beautiful to brighten your day, jump in your car, head out Route 66 and then turn onto a back road, any back road and see where it takes you.  You won't be disappointed.  While you're there, be sure to visit Crow Cottage in Chatham and also Chatham Flowers - both great businesses I've blogged about before.  Thanks to Lynn Cross of Little Brook Farm for giving me an excuse to visit Old Chatham again while the foliage was spectacular!  To read either of the blogs I mentioned, follow the links below.  If you know someone who misses the beauty of a northeast autumn, share this blog with them.  Thanks for joining me along my journey through Life As I See It!
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