Inside the Art Studio of Jennifer Lanne

Thursday, October 6, 2016

I've said it over and over during the past two years I've been blogging that one of the things I love most about blogging is the opportunities I've been blessed with to meet some really extraordinaire people, people whose paths I might never have crossed, doors that might never have been opened were it not for this blog.  Through the blog I've been introduced to so many interesting folks, often through other great people I've blogged about.  That is the case with today's post!  Through one very special creative genius, Amanda Crames, I got to meet another creative genius (they all stick together), Jennifer Lanne.  If that name doesn't ring a bell, I promise her artwork will!
Jennifer Lanne Art

I first became aware of Jennifer Lanne over a year ago when I did my first blog about Schuyler Pond (now Schuyler Pond at Scallions).  Amanda, Schuyler Pond's owner, featured Jennifer's beautiful canvases throughout the massive barn that once housed Schuyler Pond.  Months later during one of Amanda's open houses, I got to meet Jennifer and a few of Amanda's other vendors - all women of massive talent and self-made success. So inspired,  I'd planned a series in the spring featuring women who'd followed their dreams and made a successful life and business doing what they love. But got busy and sadly I never made that plan come to fruition.  Maybe down the road.   Anyway,  Jennifer Lanne recently opened her studio and joined forces with Amanda and friends to host the most spectacular open house and sale and I got to attend.  Of course I didn't go empty handed, my trusty cameras came along too and today's post is all about showing you what you might have missed.
Jennifer and her husband, Dick, live in a 1782 farmhouse on a piece of property called Devil's Hop Farm.  Jennifer's studio is inside the adjacent 4,000 square foot, 150 year old dairy barn which Jennifer's husband Dick rehabbed.
You might be thinking that having a studio in a barn doesn't sound so glamorous, but you haven't seen this barn.  Once you see it, you'll understand.  I'd want to create there too.  But before I show you Jennifer's studio, here's a look at some of the beautiful things that were available for sale that day!
Home of Jennifer Lanne Studio
Notice the pad of placemats with Jennifer's beautiful artwork!

Inside the barn studio of Jennifer Lanne

Eiderdown Quilts by Jennifer Lanne
Jennifer's art now splashed all over these amazing quilts!!

Devil's Hop Farm, home of the Jennifer Lanne studio
More art on these coasters and trivets!

Jennifer Lanne Studio

Floral Pillows
And pillows!!

Jennifer Lanne Art at Home Collection

Jennifer Lanne Art at Home Collection

Don't you wonder where people get their creativity and inspiration?  I sure do.  I've learned that we can all be inspired if we pay attention, but there are some - like Jennifer - who are just masters at seeing things in a magical way and implementing that vision onto a canvas, a wall, anything that stands still.  I mean, just look at this studio!

Jennifer Lanne Studio 
Jennifer Lanne Studio
Jennifer Lanne Studio

Jennifer Lanne Studio

Jennifer Lanne Studio
I mean, really, who else stores paint brushes this artistically?

Jennifer Lanne Studio
 This is one blog post where I'll let the photos speak for themselves.  I could go on for days about Jennifer's work, her talent and her accomplishments.  Heck, she, her home, and her art have been featured in Country Living magazine, Romantic  Home magazine, Romantic Country magazine, Where Women Create magazine, and more.  Lord knows she doesn't need my little blog to add to her fame.  But if you're hearing about Jennifer for the first time and can't get enough of her work, check out her website: and read her blog, see her paintings, and shop her Art at Home Collection.  You can also find some of her pieces at Schuyler Pond at Scallions in Saratoga Springs, NY.  Whether it's a Jennifer Lanne item or one of the many other uniquely beautiful pieces Amanda carries, I'm pretty sure you won't leave empty handed!
Thanks Jennifer for opening your studio and Amanda and all the people who came together to make this one Open House to remember.  

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and Instagram: @jenniferlanne.devilhopfarm

Jennifer Lanne Studio


  1. Hi Gail, we met briefly in Jennifer's fabulous studio. It is so nice to see it all again, here in your blog. I hope that you consider yourself, with your really perfect eye, among the creative masters.

    1. Oh Stephanie, that is so sweet! I just try to capture what my eye sees and my heart loves. If people see what I saw and get why I was moved to snap the shutter, I'm happy! It was so nice meeting you at Jennifer's. Thank you for taking time to make my day!!

  2. I love the place, the art…everything about Jennifer Llane……i have been seeing her amazing work on Pinterest.


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