Exploring Rural Rensselaer County in the Hamlet of Buskirk

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Buskirk.....a hamlet in the northwest corner of Rensselaer County in Hoosick NY.   We used to drive through Buskirk whenever we visited Vermont back in the day on Route 67.  In recent years we've become more familiar with Buskirk thanks to the Washington County Fiber Tour because some of the farms were just across the Buskirk Covered Bridge.  Since then, we've made a habit of exploring Buskirk and the surrounding area of Hoosick and I think after today's blog post, you'll see why.

Buskirk has all the things we love.....back roads, old barns, expansive landscapes and beautiful farmhouses and breath-taking scenery.  I think I'll let the photos tell the story today and save my words for another day!  Enjoy our ride through Buskirk.

Barns of Nip Moose

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