An Autumn Visit to Amish Country in Upstate NY, Part I

Sunday, November 4, 2018
Of all my favorite photo destinations, there are two that always (without fail) end up at the top of my list....Easton and the Amish. It occurred to me recently when looking under my 'Destination-NY' category that there really ought to be dedicated categories for both of these favorites since my NY destination category is heavily filled with both of these subjects.  I'm going to hope here that my followers feel the same because in the handful of blog posts I have waiting to be photo files are filled with shameful numbers of photos of each of these, just screaming to be shared.  By that I mean....too many for one blog each.  In the past month we've visited Amsterdam and Fulton/Montgomery counties twice and Easton a few times.  I know there are other beautiful parts of NY, in fact, we took a drive to Caroga and Peck Lakes recently....those pictures are in line waiting too.  As each set waits, and I excitedly wait for the opportunity .... I end up on the road taking more photos!  Aaaahhh!  How lucky am I to have such a problem!  I've been sitting here doing a version of eenie, meanie, minie, mo.....trying to decide what to share first and since it hasn't been too long since I shared an Easton blog, the Amish wins .... for today.  I mean, truthfully, I've been dying to share this photo ....

I've yet to make it to Lancaster PA, or Western NY, but I certainly get my fill and have so much love for the Amish of Fonda, Fulton and Montgomery counties.  This particular day we strayed from our usual route and found some new roads and new Amish farms.....farms that clearly seemed to be owned by a wealthier group of Amish.  The houses were bigger and finished off more nicely, and the barns....well, you can see from this photo, even the barns were bigger and fancier than our usual favorite barns.  That being said, I love them all....freshly painted or natural weathered wood.  I am drawn to the Amish.  We love seeing the little children outside, in their Amish wardrobe, doing chores or playing games.  We love how they look apprehensive at first, but love to wave at passersby.  Work is learned early in life among this group and everyone shares in the farm chores.

One thing you can count on at every Amish household nearly every weekday.....a clothesline full of color sorted clothes, some that seem to go on for miles.

Obviously not all the farms are Amish farms, but that doesn't make me love them less. Here's a few more from this particular road trip.......

Old and worn or newer and pristine, I can't hide my love of the country and every barn it holds.  The expansive landscape, the back roads and reminders of a simpler time....all capture my heart and camera lens and draw me back over and over again.  Stay tuned for another installment of Amish country in New York Part II and please feel free to share this with someone you know who has a soft spot for country!  Don't forget, you can subscribe to receive each and every blog post in your email.  Just enter your email address in the 'Never Miss A Post' box.  Thanks for stopping by Life As I See It.  Come back soon.

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