Savoring the Splendor of Autumn in Easton, NY

Monday, October 15, 2018
And all at once.... summer collapsed into fall.

And just like that, summer gave its last gasp and autumn stepped up to take its rightful place in the continuum of life.  The nights are cooler, the days less balmy and the leaves are slowly but surely doing their shift from greens to gold and red.  Is it me or have any of you noticed how quickly this shift of season seems to get accomplished?  For me, the rush of this transition is like a bullhorn loudly beckoning me to stop what I'm doing and get out to soak up every sunny sky, every back road, every breath of autumn before it quickly drops every leaf, one by one, tree by tree until there is nothing left in the landscape except for the skeletons, barren in the shadows of day.  And so...we soaked up a little bit of autumn yesterday afternoon in our beloved Easton.  Anyone knows that if you truly love a landscape, you especially love it in fall and that is definitely the case when it comes to Easton.  Words are not necessary to describe the loveliness of autumn, in fact, autumn blows its own horn quite effectively.  So without further ado, I take you on our the exact order of our trip from beginning to end.  We began on Beadle Hill Road around 3:30pm and ended on Mountain Road with a number of roads in between - including a necessary stop at the Ice Cream Man (our newest addiction...their custard is to die for).   Come along with us to Easton in Autumn!

 Even in places as enchanting as rural Easton, all good things must come to an end, but what a glorious end it was.  I'm counting on capturing a little more autumn before it does it's final curtain call for 2018 and when I do, you can bet I'll be sharing it here on the blog.  Thanks for riding along and for letting me share Life As I See It.    Don't forget....consider subscribing so that when Facebook takes its final bow, you'll still have a way to follow the blog!


  1. Great blog post. Do you drive, photo or blog in late fall or winter?

    1. Year round! Can't stop me ;) I enjoy this at every season.


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