Where Is The Road Leading You? It Always Leads Me to Easton!

Sunday, October 21, 2018
Life is beautiful if you're on the road to somewhere.......
- Oram Pamuk

All roads lead to somewhere and for us, it would seem that that somewhere is Easton.  Even when we don't intend for Easton to be our destination, we mysteriously end up there.  For example, earlier this week we headed north in search of foliage.  We got as far north as Hadley and Luzerne and when we came up short in the foliage department, we changed our direction and headed east.  We drove around Cossayuna Lake, then through Greenwich and before we knew it, we were in Easton.  Another day this week we took a drive around Buskirk (we love the back roads of Buskirk) and once again, before the day was over we found ourselves in Easton.  In the past two weeks we've visited Easton four times, four out of five road trips ultimately led us to Easton even when that's not where we set out to be!  Coincidence, I don't think so.  I thought about sharing our trips to Buskirk or the NY Amish today, but decided that I'd keep the blog in Easton for one more post (for now), because I know you all love Easton too.  I'll also add that Easton has had the best foliage we've seen anywhere.   Let's begin today's road trip in Greenwich....

It's a fixer upper!

My latest obsession is this old schoolhouse on Cooke Hollow Road.  Oh my word.....I can't get enough of it.    One day I'll do a post featuring all the photos I've taken of that.  Anyone have any information about it's history? 
 Meanwhile...clouds.  Oh how I love clouds...and contrails!

Talk about picture perfect.....Steve & Linda....what a homestead and what a backdrop!  Only thing more beautiful than your place is the view you have from it.

Life is a one way road, where you can see back but can't go back.  
So don't miss anything in life.
-Aman Badesha

They say we should never look back in life, and sometimes that could be good advice, but I make a habit of looking in my rear-view mirror and sometimes the view back there is pretty awesome too.  Whether you rear view is something that reminds you how far you've come, how many obstacles you've overcome or is so spectacular that it reminds you that your current situation is only temporary and better days are ahead....always look back with gratitude and forward with positive anticipation.  Time is rushing forward, so savor every moment of the journey, no matter where YOUR road is leading you.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.  Stop back soon for more Life As I See It.
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  1. Love this blog post, especially the cloud formations and your chosen quotes. I'll have to put Easton on my "drive" list.

  2. Gail, I so enjoy your blog! I grew up in Easton on Beadle Hill Road & Ives Hill Road in the big white house with the pillars. None of my family are living, so I never go back to visit the area anymore. My father bought the one room school house when I was in junior high school. (My Mother Cathy Gallagher worked a little with Vera on the school house information I think) We used it in the winter and had a ping pong table set up there and took dance lessons there (which my mother organized) Loved that old pot belly stove that warmed the whole room up in the winter. Later my parents deeded the schoolhouse to my middle brother, Willard and his wife Misty and they fixed it up to live in as a home. You should go around back and see where all the kids caved their names in the wood siding of the school, so and so loves so and so, etc. I think Larry Spragues name was there if I remember right.
    Love seeing all the photos, it truly was a beautiful place to grow up and roam. Thank you! Janet Gallagher Mather (husband Chuck)

    1. Hi Janet & Chuck,
      Your email made my day! I have made connections with the nicest people in Easton! I have some photos of your home and I grew up in Cohoes in a flat owned by the uncle of Sandy Sprague (Bill Sprague's wife). Small world! I also have some photos of the inside of the schoolhouse...the pot belly stove is still there. Does your brother still own the property? Are you a regular reader of my blog or new to it? I've written many, many photo essays about Easton....if you haven't already, you can check out my blog Directory (https://www.lifeasiseeitphotography.net/p/directory.html The Easton blog stories are all under the first category - Destinations-New York. There are well over a dozen, all filled with photos through every season. I've attached a few pics of your old homestead as well as one of the inside of the schoolhouse, sad as that one is. Thank you so much for reaching out to me! If you enjoy the blog, there's a spot where you can add your email address and subscribe...free. I don't sell your email or send anything except each new new post (about 2 or 3 a month). Again...thank you! Hope to hear from you again! If you write me directly at gwfirecracracker@gmail.com I will forward you some photos of the big white house.


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