What a Hoot 2018 - The Coxsackie Owls

Sunday, June 3, 2018
If the native word Coxsackie translates, 'hoot of the owl' or 'place of the owl'....it is not surprising that the Greene County town is filled with them this summer.....once again.  This is the second year for this wonderful event, an event that brings talented artists, the support of local businesses and the community together.  This year's collection includes 52 painted fiberglass owls, 50 of which are perched in various locations all over town.  The owls will remain on display until a Gala in October when they'll be auctioned off to benefit the artists, Coxsackie-Athens Foundation for Education, Sleepy Hollow Lake Helping Hands, Friends of the Heermance Memorial Library, the Coxsackie Food Pantry, the Coxsackie Police Athletic League, the Town of Coxsackie Ambulance Junior Program and the Greene County Region 13 Blue Star Mothers. This year 40+ artists put their talent to work and the result is nothing short of spectacular.  Each owl is unique and full of personality.  We were so excited to find all of them in one trip this year!! I can't fit all 50 here on the blog, but I'll have the full set on my Facebook page, along with some detailed close-ups,  Here are some of my favorites:

Amazing, right?  And this is only a percentage of them!   I'll have the entire collection on my Facebook page,  https://www.facebook.com/GAWelter/along with some close-ups.  If you think these are cool, you should see the Catskill Cats!  That's next on our itinerary, followed by the Bears in Cairo.  Here's a peek at one that's making a special appearance in Coxsackie:
Take the kids, grab a brochure and head to Coxsackie to see how many owls you can find!  To see the rest of my collection, check out my page at: https://www.facebook.com/GAWelter/   I'll have them up soon.  Thank you to all the artists for your time and talent and for supporting such a great cause.  It's pretty remarkable what we can do when people come together for a common cause.  And for a late addition:   We visited Cairo this week and found Engineer Owl....a gorgeous owl that must be seen in person!   Wow!!

 To read more about What a Hoot, you can check out their Facebook Page:
or their website: http://www.hootoftheowl.com/

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