Merry Christmas from Our Home to Yours!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

As you have probably figured out by now, I'm a big fan of Christmas.  I love everything about it - from the decorations to the carols, the twinkly lights, the anticipation ......all of it.    As you also know, I enjoy looking at holiday decorations and I might have acquired a few new pieces during my travels for my recent series.  Someone recently asked me if I would do a blog about my home at Christmas, so that's what today's post home all decked out for the holidays.

Anyone who's been reading my blog for any time at all knows I'm sentimental.  That is true in most aspects of my life, but especially in my decorating.  The older I get, the more sentimental I become and the more special 'things' from my past become.  Consequently I have a rather large collection of ornaments I've been collecting for 37 years (and I'm still adding to that collection).  Even with two trees, I have a challenge fitting them all and there are some not in use.  The same goes for my other decorations - most pieces have a story and some of those stories I'll share with you in this post.  I've been reading a lot of other blogs lately and something I've noticed is that some of the homes look gorgeous - like a magazine, 'Pinterest-worthy' - but everything looks a page from a catalog instead of someone's home.  The pieces, although well coordinated, and stylish seem a little generic, and impersonal.  My home looks pretty, at least to me, but certainly not like a catalog or magazine.  It looks like ..... my life - eclectic and surrounded by memorabilia and memories and me!   So welcome to my Christmas!

My QVC carolers from a few years back sit in front of a several-year old tree (one of the first skinny trees that came out a long time ago.  Next to them is a new jug with greens (Speckled Hen) and a picture of my oldest daughter, Katie, on Santa's lap when she was about 3 - in a frame the girls bought me many years ago.  On my grandmother's marble topped table (which was once table height and cut down by ancestors before me) sits a new candle and greenery (Speckled Hen).

Notice the lights on the little tree - beautiful metal lace cut pattern, battery operated - from Faddegon's this year. with Santa (we're both antiques) and Katie with Santa at a school Breakfast w Santa.

For the season, we moved my mom's old dry sink from the dining room into the living room to hold my Hummel village (given over four Christmases by John's mom), and a ceramic tree made by my mom.

Berry garland and Merry Christmas sign from Speckled Hen, lights on garland from Faddegon's.

Not necessarily Christmas, but my Family Tree that is now the backdrop for my antique sewing machine that belonged to John's 1885 Wilson & Wheeler model.  Hard to see, but added a few red berries to the tree for the holiday.  Also below the sewing machine, my grandmother's ceramic antique boot which was passed from her to my great aunt, then to me.  Note the jug of buttons - all came from button cans from family members, and the antique iron that weighs a ton.  Who ever used those??  No wonder they invented permanent press!

The tree in this room this year is my Woodland themed tree...filled with birds, animals, snowflakes, pinecones and acorns...everything found outdoors.

This has become my favorite tree!

On this shelf...a collection of old world Santas...some I painted, a few I purchased.  That cool candle (with a timer) on the right....another great find from the Speckled Hen.

The ceramic candle above was painted by my mom's sister, Helen, maybe 40 years ago when she taught ceramics.  It's been in retirement for years, but I decided to bring it out this year.  Below, a small Santa that belonged to my dad when he was a kid....He would be 86 today.

And put it all together..............

Of course, you can't only decorate one on to the Family Room!  This is normally my beachy, nautical room, but for a few weeks it has become the home to my more whimsical, white mouse tree.  Back when our first daughter was born, the neighbors gave her two Hallmark ornaments with white mice - back in 1980.  I've continued to collect Christmas mice ever since, not just Hallmark but later Enesco, Charming Tales, and more recently Anna Lee.  My newest is courtesy of Artifacts.

Above my Jim Shore Santas and a collection of snowman, many I made back in the day.

A special ornament below....from my hubby probably 20+ years ago, representing my ability to spend hours on the phone with family and friends.

Below, a poem written and framed by Katie when we first bought our house and money was tight, a tiny ceramic nativity I painted years ago (the big one didn't come out this year), and my dad - always watching over me.

In the dining room - two Bearington Bears (one from a neighbor and one from John), a few Charming Tail pieces and a Bearington Christmas mouse.....

In my foyer, a very special handmade Santa made by a friend I used to do craft shows with over 20 years ago.  He's that old!  The tin pitcher is filled with greens and frosted bells - Speckled Hen!

 Stocking made by me...even hard for me to believe I did this - for Katie in 1980 while I was pregnant!

And a beautiful pinecone wreath.....Faddegon's.
A beautiful birdnest - Schuyler Pond and a sparkly ball from Faddegon's.
 My kitchen window...

So that's about it....Christmas at my home ....full of history and memories.  It's not magazine worthy, but I love it and hopefully one day my daughters and granddaughters will love having these pieces in their holiday home.  While it seems like a lot of stories, trust me - each tree holds over 100 ornaments, each with its own story that would fill a short novel.  That's what Christmas is about - the stories, the traditions, the special times that fill our hearts with love and joy.  It's the people we spend the holidays with and the traditions that we pass from generation to generation - not the perfect gift or the piles of presents that we feel compelled to provide.  While all the decorations and twinkly lights add sparkle and beauty, what provides the most joy at the holidays are the people we love and the times we share....whether it be in a home filled with decorations or one with just a Charlie Brown tree.  These are the precious things that make the holiday Christmas.  This season, hold tight to your loved ones, keep the true meaning of the holiday in your heart and don't get caught up in the stress and spending .  That is not what Christmas is about.  It's about memories and times like these....

From our home to yours....wishing you a blessed Christmas!

If you missed last year's Christmas Confessions post, featuring last year's display, you can check out it here:

Thanks for reading and indulging me....and for visiting my little Christmas corner!  What's your favorite Christmas theme or memory?  Leave a comment and share your favorite Christmas story or photo!

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