15 Ways You Know You're Living With Kids (And other Holiday Ramblings)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So here we are....Christmas is over and the New Year is fast approaching.  I hope your holiday was joyful and filled with the company of family and friends.  Ours was certainly joyful - a bit chaotic and messy, but definitely perfect because we were surrounded by our family and granddaughters.  It's funny how, as we age and spend our golden years, we fall into a slower rhythm.   With it being just the two of us, the house is quiet, the pace is slower, we just take things as they come.  That calm, quiet, slow pace is cast to the wind when a five year old and a 16 month old come to stay for two weeks.  The house is no longer quiet, or slow, or tidy.  It is full of life, full of giggles, full of fun. There's no leisurely sipping of morning coffee; kids have an automatic 'on' switch, unlike us retired folk.  It takes me a few days to acclimate to the change in lifestyle, but once I work through the first few days of adjustment to the disruption of  my routine, I stop obsessing over the mess and just focus on how wonderful it is having everyone under one roof and spend the rest of my days focused on the chubby cheeks and baby giggles.  But thinking about this process of adapting to a change in our day-to-day routine inspired today's post.....

    15 Ways You Know You're Living With Kids:

  1. Your morning Today Show is replaced by Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  2. Your bathtub is littered with bath toys
  3. Stairs that are normally accessible are now gated
  4. The dish drying mat is covered with sippy cups and divided plates
  5. Your day begins when the first baby feet touch the ground BC - before coffee
  6. Being able to see the majority of the living room floor is optional
  7. Cameras are kept up high and out of reach
  8. The fridge and cabinets are filled with toddler-friendly snacks
  9. The garbage can seems to always be full
  10. The dishwasher runs almost daily instead of twice a week
  11.  Naptime and bedtime are the only quiet times of the day
  12. American Cheese is present at nearly every meal, and raisins, grapes and cookies are staples in the house
  13. the "Loot Pile" under the tree never really stays a pile
  14. Sophie has become an expert at averting baby hands and can retreat under the Christmas tree in less than 60 seconds.  (Braelyn is obsessed with her paws and I think Sophie equates any paw attention to her monthly manicures which are not her favorite outing.)
  15. There is always someone to talk to and someone who wants your attention!
Yes, having 4 house guests for two weeks creates a bit of a wave in our normally placid ocean, ok.....some days it feels like a small tsunami, but I wouldn't trade a moment of it for anything.   I'll embrace the mess, the laundry, the early mornings and even the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse because there is nothing better in life than being able to spend these precious days with family.  I've said it from the start, being a grandparent is the biggest blessing and greatest joy there is. Being able to have these two weeks to watch Braelyn's funny disposition, hear her giggles, and feel her hugs was the best gift Santa could deliver.  Spending time with Elena doing crafts, enjoying her complete awe in everything involving Christmas, seeing her enthusiasm over learning new things.....well, let me say, it sounds biased, but our grandkids are the best.  

I may love retirement and the quiet life with just the two of us, but as any of you grandparents and parents can attest.....there's nothing better than having your whole family together anytime, but especially at the holidays.  Hope you don't mind, but here's a little glimpse into our special holiday time.........

From biking in 60 degrees on Christmas Eve.............to sledding today, Grandpa is a girl's best friend!

Is it any wonder I savor these days?
Note bottom middle photo - Braelyn wearing a crown of Grandpa's 55 yr. old Tinkertoys! 
I told you he was an antique!

My older daughter Katie and son-in-law Mike (top left), my daughter Laura, Braelyn, Katie, Elena, Me and my Mom on the top right, and Laura, son-in-law Eric with Elena & Braelyn, bottom right.

Finally had an extended number of days home which allowed time to have Braelyn christened!  She wasn't a fan of being confined, but when it came time for the water....she was A-ok!

So, that's been my holiday!  Thanks for letting me share a glimpse into my world and the people I love.  And thanks to you all for reading my blog, sharing your stories and giving me an outlet that will undoubtedly get me through some sad days when this crew heads back to Indiana this weekend.  My house and routine will be back to normal, but we will sure miss the laughter and fun.  It's been a great couple of weeks!

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