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Sunday, December 13, 2015
From Christmas baubles to botanicals - that's the journey I take you on today,  to a tiny but beautiful shop in Chatham, NY ...... Chatham Flowers and Gifts.

This is a post that is a long time coming but I think we picked the perfect time to make our way to Chatham to meet Kathleen and Frank Rohlfs and get a tour of their 28 yr. business.  Kathleen just happens to be the sister of my good friend Maureen Culver, owner of The Speckled Hen.  Maureen has been urging me to visit her sister since forever ago and now I know why.  John and I made our way to Chatham on Friday afternoon - our second attempt that day after getting thwarted in the detour and traffic back-up at the ramp to I-90 in the morning.  My saint of a husband, after returning home and eating lunch, decided we could try again using a different route, so that's just what we did and I'm grateful not just for his patience but also his persistence.  It was an easy drive and a fun visit.

Like her sister, it's obvious Kathleen has a passion for her business and her enthusiasm and vision attract customers by the flocks.  One might expect a little flower shop in the country might be quiet on a weekday afternoon, but one would be wrong.  The place was hopping with customers during our 40+ minute visit, and I mean hopping.  I asked Kathleen if there were other flower shops in Chatham. There used to be 3 but now she is the only one.  It's no wonder!  The shop is beautiful, the pieces are beautiful and the staff are warm and welcoming......and talented.  I think every customer who came in was known by name, and everyone got friendly and personal attention.  Like Maureen, Kathleen was the consummate hostess, eager to show us around 'her beautiful and colorful corner of the world', including the refrigerated room and the basement where a sea of poinsettias and greens are kept as they wait to be decorated and delivered.    It was fascinating.  We also got to go into the work room where all the magic happens and watch Kathleen's elves create.......and create, they do!!  I can see why Chatham Flowers has been around for 28 years and why the customers love coming into the shop.

Here's a peek at some of the pieces that Kathleen and her staff have made:

As you may have noticed, this shop is called Chatham Flowers & Gifts and in addition to all the gorgeous flowers and greenery pieces, this shop is overflowing with beautiful gift items.  Have a look.....

A snowshoeing hedgehog!

As you might expect, I was not able to leave empty handed.  This series has lightened my wallet for sure (or John's wallet, if I'm being honest).  I couldn't resist the Daddyburgers.....the what????? The Daddyburgers - otherwise known as swags to most of us.  Although I've researched, I can't find the origin of this word, but regardless of it's name, I love my Daddyburger!

Thank you Maureen for suggesting we visit Kathleen & Frank.  It was as joy and an honor to witness such a fun and creative operation in action and get a glimpse of their botanical paradise.  If you're able, take a ride to Chatham and pick up a centerpiece or wreath or Daddyburger soon.  It's worth the drive and while you're there, say hi to all the members of Kathleen's great team.   In case you didn't get enough, here's a few more pics of some of the staff and their beautiful work....

Love these....artificial trees!  Great for a foyer or fireplace hearth!!!

Chatham Flowers and Gifts is located at 2117 State Route 203 in Chatham.  Keep a sharp eye - they are in the country, not in the village or strip mall!  Beautiful shop - Thank you Kathleen & Frank for sharing your time, your warm welcome and your green wonderland to this holiday series!  For more information on Chatham Flowers and Gifts, use the links provided below!

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