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Tuesday, December 30, 2014
Whew......holidays are exhausting, aren't they?  But I'm not complaining.  My Christmas has been filled with endless joy, memories and more love than my heart can hold.  Our Indiana family is home for a delicious two weeks and while our home hasn't been it's usual tidy self for quite some time, I wouldn't trade the mess for anything.  Waking up each morning to the sweet sounds of our four-year old granddaughter's voice in the next room, or seeing the cheeky smile on our four month old granddaughter's face is all the thrill a grandma could ask for.   The giggles, the chaos, the unsolicited "I love you Grandmas"  that fill each day is enough to make my heart burst. 
These two little ones are filling my days with laughter and love.  This is what life is all about - not presents or money or fancy cars, just a houseful of the people who make our lives complete.  While Santa made good on all the things Elena asked  him for, there's been plenty of fun with some "antique" toys (as discussed in an earlier blog).  In addition to some old Barbies and Hess trucks, Elena has enjoyed her mom and Aunt Katie's old dollhouse...........
and her great-great grandmother's View Master...........

My grandmother bought View Master reels wherever she traveled, so there were an abundance of places for Elena to explore.  Amazingly, the 60 year old slides were in better condition than the ones Elena's mom and aunt had as kids.  Isn't that always the way?   Just like everything, inflation hit View Master reels hard....did you know that currently a pack of 3 reels now sells for over $28????????????   Insane.  Lucky for us, we have a lifetime supply.

Naturally the visit wouldn't be complete without a trip to Dakota Ridge Farm to visit our favorite llama friends.   That's always a good time and this was no exception.  Despite the cold wind and lack of sun, we all had fun with the llamas and Katrina's horse, Sakima!
I think Elena loves llamas as much as her Grandma does!   So.....that's how my holiday is going!  My blogs may be overdue, but I wouldn't trade this time for anything!  I promise that once the house is quiet again, I'll need plenty to keep my mind occupied and my eyes dry and I'll get back to posting some of my normal destination posts.  Till then, have a wonderful New Year's Eve.  I hope that your holidays have been filled with this much joy and fun!  Thanks for sticking around and letting me share my Life as I See It!!!


  1. We have a llama farm near here. They also have a shop, actually I think they are Alpaca. Anyway, they are beautiful animals and I can not wait for Spring to be able to go back out and enjoy some of the lovely places around here

  2. I with you Janice....anxious to get out photographing again!


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