Winter is for the Birds

Tuesday, December 2, 2014
At this time of year in the northeast, whether we like it or not, we wake one morning and find ourselves in the cold embrace of old man winter.  We know it's coming because it happens year after year, but still we are somehow caught off guard when those first flakes of snow drift slowly from the sky and our bodies shiver from the nippy air.  Yes.....right on schedule winter arrives, whether we're ready or not.

I'm not a winter enthusiast when it comes to any type of sports.  I don't love the cold and am not a fan of walking around feeling like an overstuffed Thanksgiving turkey all bundled up and unable to move.  I'm much more of an autumn kinda gal when it comes to temperature.  I have to admit winter became a lot less of a pain when I retired and could lay in bed on snowy mornings knowing neither of us had to deal with slippery roads, impatient drivers and frozen wiper blades.  But there are a few things I love about winter.....

There's nothing prettier than snow-covered landscape against a perfectly clear blue sky, or the sight of snow-laden trees after a snow storm.

 It is hard to dispute the beauty of winter.  As much as I enjoy taking a drive on a sunny afternoon just after a storm, I equally love the view out my window where I can sit inside my warm house watching the wildlife.   It seems as though winter doesn't bother these visitors.

Patiently waiting his turn.............

The gathering of the Mourning Doves

I'd say considering its beauty and the company it provides, winter isn't so bad.  I think I'll make a cup of decaf and do a little bird watching.  If you aren't already a birdwatcher, I suggest you hang a feeder in your backyard, and a little suet and sit back and watch them come!  For a little while it might make you forget it's winter!

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