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Sunday, December 21, 2014
Happy Sunday!
We're heading into the home stretch and with Christmas only a few days away, things have a tendency to get a little chaotic.  While we all wish we could concentrate on the joys that come with holiday preparations, it is impossible to not be distracted and saddened by the senseless death of a child who has only seen five short years of life on this earth.  It is unthinkable, maddening and depressing to face some of the darkness that exists today in a world we like to consider "civilized" but unfortunately these things seem to be more and more commonplace.  All we can all ask is, "why"?  This seems to be the question for which there is no answer.  All we can do is pray for little Kennie and those who loved him, and pray that his siblings can find some peace and happiness in a home where people truly look out for their well being.
Fortunately there are happier things for me to talk about today.  One of those things is a really wonderful experience I had a few days ago at our local Walgreen's store.  Ever since Walgreens opened in this area, I've used their photo printing services because not only are they very close-by, but they have quality products and wonderful discounts.  I always have a great experience with the associates there and this week was no exception.

So, Thursday I ordered about 20+ prints for a set of note cards someone ordered.  I received notification within an hour that my prints were ready.   When I went to pick up my order the next morning, the gentlemen in the photo department couldn't find the photos.  No wonder....when I looked at my email confirmation I realized that after helping a friend make a photo Christmas card on Saturday, I neglected to change my store preference back to 'my store' and consequently my photos were processed and were waiting in the Guilderland store where my friend picked up her cards.  Ugh!  What a pain!  My $4.00 order was all the way in Guilderland.  What to do?  It just seemed nuts to drive all that way using time and gas for such a small order.  The photo department was buzzing with activity by now, people on both kiosks, people picking up photos - typical pre-holiday chaos.  In most scenarios, that might result in this response: "Well Lady, you made a dumb mistake, so it's your problem".  Not the case!!!! Doug and Paul (the awesome fellas working that day) jumped into action and began making phone calls to to see if they could cancel my order and process it in Clifton Park.  Like all good deeds usually go, one phone call wasn't enough.  These guys efficiently and pleasantly did what they had to do to rectify MY mistake, never once acting like it was anything but their pleasure to do so.   As it turned out, the website wouldn't cooperate and kept cancelling subsequent orders.  No good deed goes unpunished!  Now here is where story gets even more amazing...... It seems Paul lives close to the Guilderland store so...... he personally picked up my order in Guilderland and brought my order to Clifton Park the next morning!  I received a call at 8:20a.m.  from Doug that my photos were in!!   Now that is what I call superior service with a smile.   These young men are examples of quality customer service!  I hope their managers recognize and appreciate what great employees they have and pat them both on the back for a job well done!

In other holiday good cheer..... my Indiana family arrived safely on Friday!  That means we have our two granddaughters here to spoil and cuddle for the next several days!!!  Yippee!!  It's always fun when they're around, but yesterday was especially fun because we took a little trip down memory lane when Elena hit the Barbie jackpot when we gave her her mom and Aunt Katie's Barbie collection.  Yes.....I've been saving them all these years in hopes one day I'd have a granddaughter who might enjoy them.  All in all we had about a dozen dolls (Barbies, Ken and a few Skippers) and a boxful of assorted Barbie clothes from the 80's!  It provided endless hours of entertainment and a massive mess on Grandma & Grandpa's living room floor.
Once that fun was over it was time for another old time adventure when we brought out our collection of Hess trucks both of our Dad's had bought years ago.  It was a joy watching Elena light up each and every vehicle and its accessory.  She may love her Barbies, but she equally loves cars and trucks (thanks to her dad!)  My dad and my father-in-law would have been in their glory watching this little girl play with these collectibles for hours. It was almost like having them with us yesterday!  I felt their love smiling down on us knowing they would have both adored their great grand-daughters.


Grandpa helping "release" the change from the Hess Bank Truck
Sophie just manned her "supervisory" position from safe under the tree and kept an eye out for unapproved behavior and unwelcome attention.
 This morning it was time for making handprint ornaments and then back to Elena's other favorite past-time at Grandma and Grandpa's house - playing with her mom and aunt's antique Fisher Price village.  I guess that's what makes coming to NY fun  - our house if full of kid antiques like 30 year old Barbies! 

And meanwhile, baby sister Braelyn just gets to hang out and look on......but I have a feeling by next Christmas, she won't be sitting too still.  Oh, life is good and something very special is in store tomorrow.  So come back soon and see what special surprises we have in store!  And if you're in the Clifton Park Walgreens, give Paul and Doug a shout and thank them for their dedication and great attitude. 

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