A Special Visit from Santa

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas may not be for a few days, but yesterday we had a special visit from the man himself - Santa Claus!  That's right......Santa Claus stopped by our home to pay a visit to our granddaughters, Elena and Braelyn.  As you can imagine it was pretty special (even for us adults)!

Around 4:00 in the afternoon a familiar vehicle pulled into our driveway.....
As the doorbell rang, the excitement built and Elena and Grandpa went to see who was at the door.
Notice in the far left of the photo - a white-gloved hand just peeking in!   It was Santa Claus!!!! Oh my, could it be???
At first we were a little shy, but within a quick minute, Elena was sitting on Santa's lap mesmerized by his fancy pocketwatch with the musical moving scene.

Santa spent an hour visiting with the family asking Elena what everyone wanted for Christmas.  He talked to her about school and her favorite things and told her since he knew she is in NY and not Indiana, he would be sure to deliver her presents here instead.  When asked what she wanted for Christmas, Elena replied, a dollhouse.  He asked, "Is that all"?  "Well, maybe a doll".   "Is that all"?  "Well.......maybe a magic clip doll".   It seemed Santa wasn't used to such a small list from a four year old.
Santa enjoyed some cookies from Dolce Biscotti and took a couple home for Mrs. Claus.   Soon it was time to hand out presents!

Elena being the well-rounded girl she is was thrilled to receive an Elsa doll and a Baymax robot from the Big Hero movie.  As you can see, she was more than a little pleased!

Naturally the paparazzi (Grandma) had to snap a few photos - it's not everyday that Santa visits! Before it was time to leave Santa asked us to play a cd.  He handed out special sheets with the lyrics  and we all sang a rollicking version of  "Must Be Santa".   Then it was time for Santa to say his goodbyes.  I must confess when I gave Santa a hug, I had a little tear in my eye.  Yea....I'm a softee and despite the fact that I'm an adult who knows the truth, the kid in me felt as though Santa really did just spend an hour in my house!  That's how awesome Santa is!  When I lay in bed on Christmas Eve feeling the anticipation that my four year old granddaughter will be feeling as she tries to sleep, I'll be thinking of our Saratoga Santa.  I'll be imagining him unloading presents under our tree.   And once again I'll be a kid on Christmas Eve!

Post Script:   As most of you know, I've blogged about the Saratoga Santa a few times already.  Fred Clark, Sr. has been "Santa" for 19 years now.  During those years, I'm pretty sure he's gradually "become" Santa.  If you meet Santa at anytime of the year around these parts, he looks and even acts like Santa as I found out when I first met him at DeVoe's Rainbow Orchard over the summer.  Fred makes public and private appearances - this year beginning in early November and by Christmas night, he is more than ready for a long winter's nap.  Although not a cheap gig, Santa's visit is worth every penny and the hour he spends is magical and memorable.  Although too late for this Christmas, keep Fred in mind for next Christmas.  Santa can be reached at 528-587-7224.  He has already begun booking for next Christmas! 

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