Part II of the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail and a Visit to Amish Country

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Our journey through the Fulton Montgomery Quilt Barn Trail continues.  Saturday afternoon with a list of addresses in hand, lunch packed and camera ready, we set out to discover more of the quilt blocks in one of our favorite parts of Fulton Montgomery County. Guess how many we found!

We began our hunt in Amsterdam, NY where we found this bright quilt block, (below), on Arnold's Feed and Grain Services.

Bear's Paw
Next we travelled Route 30 and found the Double Wedding Ring....also pictured in the first photo of this post.  Isn't it a beauty?  8' x 8' large and colorful!

Double Wedding Ring

ACIU (Thank You)

In St. Johnsville, we found the Antique Nellis Quilt at the historic Nellis Tavern, built in 1747 by Christian Nellis, Sr.  In 1985 the Palatine Settlement Society purchased the the building and 8 acres of land and renovations began in 1995 and have been ongoing ever since.  The final portion of the restorations, a complete overhaul of the exterior, began in July 2020.  That was completed this summer.  For more information on Nellis Tavern:  

Just prior to us arriving at the Nellis Tavern, we came upon a horse and buggy - nothing unusual for this part of New York.  In fact on Saturday we saw several.  This one was a bit unique, however, carrying about four young men and a rather precarious cargo............

Goin' fishin'


Log Cabin

My favorite shot of the day

Ohio Star

Broken Dishes

Star of Hope

Bell Garden

We always enjoy driving through the back roads in Fulton Montgomery counties, marveling at the Amish communities throughout, soaking up the beauty of the freshly plowed fields, the unspoiled greenspace filled with nothing but farms and rural landscape.  On this trip, we discovered just 14 new quilt blocks, mostly because we diverted from our route to take some of our regular back roads.  Now when we make our regular trips to Fulton Montgomery counties, we have the added fun of hunting quilt blocks along the way. Considering we've only found about 42 of the 158, we've got plenty of quilts left to discover.  I hope that by including some of our sights along the way, you'll be inspired to take a trip to this area even if you let the quilt discoveries happen serendipitously.  If you need a little time out of the car to stretch your legs, or just another reason for a road trip, I suggest you pay a visit to the Fort Plain Antique and Salvage....always a fun trip down memory lane and 2 floors of antiques and amazing salvage pieces - windows, doors, drawers, boxes, and so much more.  Check out their Facebook page:
Till next time.....happy trails and happy quilting friends.  Life is short.  Take time to enjoy the journey and whenever possible, choose the road less traveled and slow down and enjoy the view!  For more adventures, check out my blog directory -

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